Join Test, Win Awards!

Dear players,
We are excited to announce the "GearUP Console Booster Test" event, which is open to all console gamers. By testing and providing feedback on our booster, you will have the chance to win great prizes!
When it start? 
February 22th to 5th of march
Who can join in? 
All console gamers
what you can get?

① 30 feedback submitters will be randomly seleted to win $10 gift cards (Nintendo, Amazon, PlayStation, or Xbox).


② At the end of the event, 10 users with 3 or more adopted feedback will be randomly seleted win a $50 voucher.


③ Prizes have no limit and can be accumulated.

What you need to do?

① Download and install the GearUP Console Booster from our official website or search for "GearUP Console Booster" in the Google Play or Apple Store.


② Play any game you enjoy, and record the ping both before and after using the boosters.


③ Submit Feedback follow the template. 


④ you can test other games to get more gift cards.

What is the feedback template?

① Connection Method + Service Provider + Device Model + Game Mode + Problem Description (the more detailed, the better) + Screenshot (for acceleration issues, provide "before acceleration" and "after acceleration" screenshots)


Example 1: Wired (Switch) + Vodafone + Switch OLED + FIFA - FUT. I'm playing on a US server in Mexico. Before acceleration, the ping was 100, but after using the booster, it increased to 150, resulting in a negative optimization. The following are the screenshots: "before acceleration" and "after acceleration".

② For games that do not display latency, we recommend recording a 30-second video for each stage.

Have more questions?
① Join our Discord for direct assistance if you encounter any issues during testing! or
② you can send us a email:
Join us now and experience the power of GearUP Console Booster!