Solutions to common problems in testing


①I’m using the mobile booster but can’t use router/hardware boost, why?


Answer: Router boost requires your home router to support the plugin, which is a hardware device that connects to your router to enhance its performance. otherwise, it won’t work.


②I’m using the mobile booster, can I only speed up the Switch with hotspot boost?


Answer: Yes, currently only the Switch can be boosted through hotspot boost. To speed up other devices like(Such as) XBOX and Playstation, please use hardware boost or PC boost.


③I can’t find th game I want to boost on PC booster, what should I do?


Answer: When using PC booster, make sure to include the Console name when searching for the game, such as “PS-FIFA22” or “XBOX-Call of Duty”. If you still can’t find it(the game), please submit a feedback request to add the game.(please submit a feedback request by clicking on the ‘Feedback’ button in the PC booster software. Our team will review your request and add the game if possible.)


④I have PS5 with PSN, Nintendo Switch with membership. I followed the instruction of PS booster setup. But I don’t know how to check the ping on PS. There were only a ping shows on the booster software. Did I miss something?


Answer:Basically in Xbox, Playstation and Switch, many games need to be set in settings., you can google : how to show up the ping in PS5-GAME NAME,

For example, in PS 5:




For fortnite:

 The same for Switch. If there are some games that are not showing the ping in NS, you feel there is a big latency when you play: you can choose to make videos,30s-1min before and after boost, then explain your feeling in the feedback also can be also accpeted as a valid feedback.


If you have any questions, you could join our Discord and select "I am a console player" we will support you directly there!