Console Booster Test Manual


1.Install GearUP Console booster the link and download the application


1.2.Select Mobile phone boost


1.3.Select Profile and Sign up




2.Set up your gearUP booster


2.1.Choose Mobile Phone Boost

2.2.Select a game to boost

2.3.boost the game

2.4.Open Hotspot



2.5.Set up on switch

2.6.System Settings – Internet – Internet Settings

2.7.Select your Hotspot – Change Settings

2.8.Enable the Proxy Settings

2.9.Perform the following changes

  • Server
  • Port 8088

2.10.Save the settings

2.11.Connect to This Network




2.12.When there is the Latency on phone, it connected successfully

2.13.take a screenshot




3.Start to play

3.1.Play this game and screenshot for the ping with booster




3.2.Also play this game and screenshot for the ping without booster


3.3.When you want to connect Hotspot without booster, you should change back settings


  • System Settings – Internet – Internet Settings
  • Select your Hotspot – Change Settings
  • Disable the Proxy Settings
  • Save the settings
  • Connect




3.4.If the game cannot show ping, Record video with and without booster


Describe the difference in detail when filling out the feedback



4.Submit a feedback on your phone


4.1.After game finished, back to application


4.2.Profile – Help center – Feedback



4.3.Explain in the issue without format



Wired (Switch) + Vodafone + Switch OLED + FIFA - FUT.


I'm playing on a US server in Mexico. Before acceleration, the ping was 100, but after using the booster, it increased to 150, resulting in a negative optimization. 



  • Screenshot
  • Email
  • Submit

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