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Starfield Player Count 2023: The Latest Statistics and Predictions


Wondering about the player count of Starfield? Our player count tracker provides the latest figures, allowing you to compare the game's community with other popular titles. Starfield has rapidly gained popularity on Steam and Xbox, surpassing games like Baldur's Gate 3. As one of the most anticipated releases this year, the sci-fi RPG has lived up to expectations, receiving praise for its diverse planets and new game plus feature. With availability on Xbox and PC, players are eager to know how many people are currently playing Starfield. Look no further, our convenient Starfield player count tracker provides those numbers for you.


Based on the information from SteamDB, the player count for Starfield on PC currently stands at 159,661 players. However, the game has recently reached a new peak with 245,183 players. While it has not yet reached the 3 million player mark set by Baldur's Gate, this is still an impressive number. It's important to note that these figures only include PC players and do not account for those playing on Xbox or Game Pass. With the game becoming available on Xbox's subscription service on September 6, 2023, it is expected that these numbers will increase even further. It's worth mentioning that the player count may fluctuate over time, but for now, Starfield proudly holds a place among the top 10 games, alongside titles like Dota 2 and CS:GO.


Regardless of how players are currently evaluating Starfield, this game undoubtedly is one of the most anticipated works this year, and its capacity is also very large. For example, the Xbox version is as high as 125GB. If you want to download the game in advance, you need to ensure that the network is stable and reduce fluctuations. At this time, it is best to use GearUP Booster to optimize the network. Its adaptive intelligent routing technology can keep the network connection in the best state, which can undoubtedly shorten the download time and let you enter the game for the first time.


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