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Blue Protocol: Error 232-40 / エラー(232-40)/エラー(23x-x0)/エラー(169-x0)/Error 999/ Error 102/Error 503...


Many players frequently encounter the "Error 232-40 / エラー(232-40)/エラー(23x-x0)/エラー(169-x0)/Error 999/ Error 102/Error 503..." when downloading or launching Blue Protocol. This error is caused by the game launcher's inability to connect to the game server properly.


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The following solutions can quickly help you resolve the issue:


Step 1:


Close the lancher, download GearUP Booster, search for Blue Protocol, and boost the game. Then restart the game launcher and resume the download.

*In most cases, just following step 1 can solve your problem.

 GearUP Booster is a game optimizer service that reduces latency, prevents packet loss, removes region restrictions for some games, and stabilizes network connection for gamers.



Step 2:

Add the launcher's process to the whitelist as shown in the figure below.