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Payday 3 Closed Beta Guide for Xbox and PC Users


Overkill Software has announced the arrival of Payday 3, offering potential players the opportunity to test out the new release through a closed beta. This highly-anticipated multiplayer game, known for its cooperative heist action, is set to continue the franchise's tradition of exhilarating bank robberies and intense shootouts reminiscent of Hollywood films. With the release date drawing near, here is everything you need to know about the Payday 3 closed beta, including the release date and time, supported platforms, and instructions on how to participate.



Payday 3 Closed Beta Release Date and Time


The confirmed release date for the Payday 3 closed beta is August 2, 2023, with the beta period ending on August 7, 2023.



Payday 3 Closed Beta Platforms


Exciting news for Xbox and PC users as the closed beta will be available on these platforms. However, PlayStation users will not have access to the beta, although this may change in the future.



How to Access the Payday 3 Closed Beta


Players who are interested in participating in the Payday 3 beta can sign up by visiting the official closed beta page.Here are the instructions to enter the closed beta for Payday 3:


  • Xbox players can access the beta by going to the Xbox Insider Hub, navigating to Previews, and selecting "Payday 3."
  • PC players should visit the game's official Steam page and click on "Request Access."
  • The developers will randomly select players on a daily basis.


Payday 3 Closed Beta Complete Guide for Xbox and PC Users


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