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How to Change Valorant Servers


Valorant, one of the most popular first-person shooter competitive games in the world today, has captured the hearts of players with its rich gameplay and character design. Its popularity has even surpassed that of League of Legends, making it the most beloved game under Riot Games with fans all over the globe.


The developers have deployed multiple servers worldwide, but some players, for various reasons, wish to change servers. They often face unstable connections or even fail to connect. In this blog, we'll discuss how to change servers in Valorant and maintain a stable server connection.


How to Change Valorant Servers



Why We Need to Change Servers in Valorant


Riot Games has not imposed regional restrictions on servers, meaning players can connect to any server worldwide. Server changes are sometimes necessary due to temporary server malfunctions or the desire for cross-region play. Changing Valorant servers can offer several benefits, including:

  • Improved Game Stability: Sometimes, the server you're connected to might be experiencing high traffic or technical issues. Changing to a less crowded server can offer a more stable connection with fewer disruptions.
  • Access to Different Competitive Environments: Each server has its unique competitive scene and player base. Changing servers allows you to challenge yourself against new opponents, which can be a fresh and enriching experience.
  • Lower Ping: For some players, especially those located in between regional servers, changing servers might result in a lower ping, leading to smoother gameplay and quicker response times.
  • Cultural Experience: Playing on servers located in different parts of the world can expose you to various playstyles and strategies, enriching your understanding and appreciation of the game.
  • Avoiding Server Maintenance or Downtime: Servers undergo routine maintenance or might unexpectedly crash. Changing servers allows you to continue playing Valorant unaffected by these downtimes, ensuring your gaming schedule remains uninterrupted.



How to Change Servers in Valorant


While changing servers, players often encounter issues like high ping, packet loss, and unstable connections, which are common due to increased physical distance and cross-region play. GearUP Booster, a tool with an exclusive adaptive intelligent routing technology, can help you find the best data transmission route. It avoids network congestion and prevents spike fluctuations, allowing for a stable connection to the target server without disconnections. GearUP Booster also effectively reduces Valorant's ping and latency, minimizing in-game disruptions.


The advantages of using GearUP Booster include:

  • Free trial
  • Easy to use
  • Supports Valorant global servers
  • Supports all Riot Games titles
  • Does not use up computer performance


1.Download and install GearUP Booster.




2.Launch the program and search for VALORANT in the supported game list.


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3.Select the optimal server and node.


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4.Click to boost, and then launch the game.




Why Does Ping Increase After Changing Servers in Valorant


Many factors affect game ping, with physical distance being a key factor. Connecting to a server far from your location naturally increases ping. However, GearUP Booster aims to ensure network stability and significantly reduce the ping caused by non-physical distance factors, providing a smoother gaming experience.



Is GearUP Booster Safe


Yes, GearUP Booster is perfectly safe to use for Valorant players concerned about compliance with game and internet regulations. Its functionality is strictly limited to optimizing the transmission of game traffic. It does not include any features that could potentially impact the balance of the game. This means players can use GearUP Booster with peace of mind, knowing it is designed to enhance their gaming experience without violating any rules of Valorant or undermining the fairness of competitive play.


The effectiveness of GearUP Booster has also been recognized by many players, gaming brands, and influencers.


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Changing servers in Valorant can enhance your gaming experience by connecting you to different gaming environments and potentially reducing ping. However, it's essential to address the challenges that come with server changing, such as high ping and unstable connections. GearUP Booster offers a practical solution, ensuring a stable and optimized connection to Valorant servers worldwide. By following these steps, players can easily change servers in Valorant and enjoy a seamless gaming experience with minimal latency issues.