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Best Ping for League of Legends: What Is It and How to Reduce High Ping


LOL Gameplayers may always wonder what the best ping for League of Legends is since network connection speed is continuously a critical factor when playing games. In the post here, figure out the best ping for LOL and access several beneficial tips to reduce high ping when playing games.



What is Ping?


Before knowing the best Ping for League of Legends, it is necessary to learn what Ping means. Ping is a nickname for latency. The specification is the time it takes for data from your device to reach the server and vice versa. The higher the ping, the longer it takes. This is why people with high ping will have a hard time making skill shots and getting good positions. The time between clicking the ability and activating it is different, meaning it's easier to miss. 



What is the Best Ping for League of Legends?


Your ping value is affected by many reasons, such as your location on the game server, your internet connection, your provider status, etc. While some factors cannot be adjusted and changed, some factors can be adjusted to give you a better ping level. Also, knowing your ping level can indicate your gaming performance may be better under better internet conditions. So here is the best ping for League of Legends range:

  • < 30 ms - Perfect ping range: If your ping is less than 30 you will not experience any lag in your game which will increase your game performance.
  • 30 - 60 ms - Average range: The range isn't perfect, but you still won't experience any significant lag that affects your gameplay. As such, these levels are acceptable and the range can be considered a good ping range in LOL.



How to Check Ping in LOL


Unless the spike in ping is very large, sometimes players can't notice if they're pinging until it's too late and the combo hasn't gone as well as it should have. To enable FPS and MS stats in League of Legends, and check whether you are in the best ping for League of Legends, you must: Open Client Settings> Game Preferences> Shortcuts tab> Display option. Then Set a hotkey to toggle the FPS screen. 



How to Reduce High Ping for League of Legends


Sometimes, players may find that they are in high ping when playing League of Legends. So, how to reduce it and reach the best ping for League of Legends? Here are the solutions.


1. Close the LOL client during the LOL process


We know that Client is the cause of so many broken keyboards around the world, even more than annoying champions. One of the things it can affect is your ping while gaming. If the Client is using a significant amount of system resources, such as when the application is updating or running in the background, it can cause the game to run less smoothly, leading to ping problems. or higher latency. This can happen if the client is taking up network bandwidth or consuming too much CPU and RAM. By closing the LOL Client, you may reduce the high ping during the game.



2. Clear your bandwidth


A quick fix that can be done right after you die in the game, due to high ping, is to close background processes in the task manager. Often, gamers forget that even if they don't download anything, apps like Steam can still eat up your bandwidth. If your internet connection is overloaded, this should solve your problem. Just list apps by bandwidth usage and close unnecessary ones.



3. Disable proxy and VPN services


There's a popular theory that a VPN can actually help with your bad ping problem, by making your data packets follow a more direct and less congested route to the target server. However, this is only in theory, and in practice, it is not so clear. On the contrary, some terrible VPNs may decrease your network speed.


Instead of VPN services, you might as well select a dedicated game booster, such as GearUP Booster. It can effectively help you improve the network connection with a dedicated route. Also, it takes great effects in reducing the high ping of your network when playing LOL and other popular games.


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Step 4: Click "Confirm" first, and then launch League of Legends.



4. Use an Ethernet connection


Sometimes the problem isn't your ISP, your computer, or your game, but your location. The most important thing when playing online games is not only to have a good ping, but also to be stable and not to spike randomly. Connecting your PC directly to the router and using Ethernet is a much better option than using Wi-Fi, especially if the router is far away from your PC. 





The post explains the best ping for League of Legends. Try the above beneficial solutions and reduce the high ping to get a better LOL gameplay experience. In addition, a specific game booster for League of Legends, GearUp booster is worthy of your trust and trial.