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Better Than Exitlag? 5 Best Game Boosters/Game VPN in 2024


If you're familiar with gaming VPNs, you've probably heard of Exitlag, a software many players use to resolve in-game issues. However, as a veteran in the gaming VPN market, Exitlag isn't a cure-all. Often, it fails to perform as expected, and some players report that it doesn't just lack effectiveness, but actually worsens game latency.


In this blog, we'll introduce game boosters/game VPN that can serve as alternatives to Exitlag. If you've tried Exitlag and it didn't work for you, consider trying the following tools.


Better Than Exitlag? 5 Best Game Boosters in 2024



Why Do We Need Game Boosters


Today, more games offer online play or require online services to start. Not every game guarantees stable online performance, and individual network conditions can vary greatly. This can lead to issues like lag, high ping, packet loss, and even disconnections, all of which disrupt gameplay. While hardware upgrades or ISP changes are possible fixes, they're often costly and inconvenient. Game boosters offer a simple software solution, providing fast and stable gaming VPN services that are becoming a popular choice among players.



5 Game Boosters That Are Better Than Exitlag


Best Alternative to Exitlag: GearUP Booster


Exitlag's main appeal is reducing game latency and ping, particularly in competitive games like CS2, Valorant, and Fortnite. GearUP Booster utilizes unique adaptive smart routing and anti-packet loss technology to enhance data transfer efficiency and stability without any learning curve. It supports all gaming platforms and over 2000 games worldwide, offering a broader service scope than Exitlag. Its tech team consists of industry veterans, ensuring top-notch service. Advantages:

  • Free trial.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Reduces ping and latency.
  • Offers COD bot lobby features.
  • Server lock functionality.
  • Supports PCs, consoles, mobile games, and devices like Pico and SteamDeck.


Free Trial-2





Based in North America, WTFast offers boost services for PCs and consoles, particularly excelling in MMO and FPS games. However, it supports fewer games and has a more complex interface. Lacking core features like bot lobby, WTFast is less comprehensive than GearUP Booster, making its $9.99 monthly subscription less cost-effective.





This South American company is also known for reducing latency. While influential in its local market, Noping's cluttered interface can be confusing for new players. Currently supporting only PC games without server lock features like GearUP Booster, Noping is a feasible Exitlag alternative but not the best.





Competing with Exitlag, Mudfish's unique feature is its pay-per-traffic model, enhanced by WAN optimization technology. It supports a wider range of systems and browsers but may not be cost-effective with frequent game updates consuming significant bandwidth. Lacking exclusive features, Mudfish is less practical compared to GearUP Booster.





A niche game booster optimizing online gaming and live streaming, PingZapper appeals to players unfamiliar with other alternatives. However, its simplicity and limited game support, without multi-platform or unique features, make its lower subscription cost less appealing compared to the value offered by GearUP Booster.


Let's take a direct look at the differences between these game boosters:



GearUP Booster

WTFast Noping Mudfish PingZapper
Fix high ping
Free trial
Supports all gaming platforms(PC, Console, Mobile Games)
Supports over 2000 games
Adaptive Intelligent Routing and Anti-Packet Loss technology
Server locking
Bot Lobby
Recommended by game developers
24/7 online customer service



Can VPN Replace Game Boosters


Some players might think of using a VPN as a substitute for a game booster. Indeed, changing IP addresses to switch game servers is possible with a VPN, but its role in gaming is limited to just that. It cannot further reduce game ping, latency, or packet loss. Moreover, without a router equipped with plugin functionality, you can't use a VPN to optimize network services for console games.


Game boosters, however, are a completely different story. Take GearUP Booster, the best alternative to Exitlag, for example. It not only possesses the functions of a game VPN but also provides server locking and optimizes specifically for game traffic. It supports all platforms and devices, making it the ideal choice for players who want to fix game network issues without affecting other applications' connectivity.


Therefore, if you aim to achieve the best gaming performance, choosing a game booster is advisable. We have prepared a comparison table to help you visually understand the differences between game boosters and traditional VPNs.


  GearUP Booster Traditional VPN
Change servers
Focus on optimizing game traffic
Reduce ping
Decrease latency
Fix packet loss





If you're seeking the best gaming performance, choosing a game booster like GearUP Booster over a traditional VPN or other game boosters is advisable. We've prepared a comparison table to help you visually understand the differences between game boosters and VPNs, enhancing your decision-making process.