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How to use GearUP Booster (for first-time users)?


GearUP Booster is a boosting service dedicated to  GAMING ONLY. Our technology reduces latency, prevents packet loss, and stabilizes network connections for players playing games in their region or any other region they choose.


How to use GearUP Booster​:


NOTE: Please boost the game with our services BEFORE launching the game client to ensure optimal performance on your device.


Step One:


Search for the game you wish to play (suggest searching it using its official name) and click on Enter. “Valorant” is used here as an example.




Step Two:


Tab on “Boost” on the game which you wish to play. 

*Please note that you must log in to enjoy our services.



Step Three:


Log in to GearUP Booster as shown on the screen.


Hong Kong


Step Four:

Select a desired server from the list. Hong Kong is being selected here as an example. It enables user to play on Hong Kong servers with low latency regardless of user’s current location.




Step 5: GearUP Booster will automatically determine the best route for the user based on their location and preference. And now the targeted game has been boosted! Have fun with GearUP Booster!!


And now your target game has been boosted! Have fun with GearUP Booster!!

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