GearUP Booster

How to Install a Boosting Plugin into your Routers?


GearUP Boosting Plugin is designed for those who have a router which supports installing plugins, providing an intelligent network optimization with least perception.


Here are the instructions of GearUP Boosting Plugin installment.


Step 1:

Search and download “GearUP Console Booster”in App Store or Google Play.


Step 2:

Log in GearUP with your Facebook or AppleID.






Step 3:

Press “Install Plugin” and detect whether your router can be installed a plugin.


1.2a add device-light2.0a detect



Step 4:

If your router is qualified, please follow the instructions to install GearUP Boosting Plugin.



2.1a login to the router-light2.2a downloading plug-in-light


Step 5:

After finishing installment, you can view and choose which console connected to the router to be boosted.