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GearUP Booster PC Membership Auto-renewal FAQ


1. How do I enable auto-renewal?

Auto-renewal is automatically enabled when you place your order. Please note that auto-renewal is available only in certain regions.



2. How can I check if I'm enrolled in auto-renewal?

If you have auto-renewal is enabled, your account settings page will display a "Cancel Auto-renewal" button and your auto-renewal information.



3. How do I manage my auto-renewal?

You can cancel auto-renewal on the account settings page. Please keep in mind that if you wish to cancel auto-renewal to avoid any charges, you must do so three days in advance of your billing date.

Configure -> Account Settings


GearUP Booster PC Membership Auto-renewal FAQ



4. How do I re-enable auto-renewal after canceling it?

If you've canceled your auto-renewal, you can reinstate it by simply purchasing a membership again.



5. What is the cost of auto-renewal?

Auto-renewal will be charged at the original price of the membership you purchased.



6. When will I be automatically charged after subscribing?

Your subscription will be charged 12 hours before the start of your next billing cycle. Please note that your billing date may vary by one day earlier or later due to time zone differences.



7. Why can't I find the button to cancel auto-renewal in my account settings? 


If you can't find the 'cancel renewal' button in your account settings, it means you are not currently in a subscription state, and you will not be automatically charged. Auto-renewal is only available in certain areas.