Nintendo Switch Boosting Instructions


A. Connect your Nintendo Switch to PC


Install GearUP Booster on your PC and connect both devices to the same router using LAN cables (Do not connect your Nintendo Switch to a modem or a TV Box).


Connect Your Nintendo Switch


B. Set Up Your PC


1. Download the latest GearUP Booster.




2. Go to [Games] → [Console Games] → [Switch], or search "Switch" to browse our Nintendo Switch games.


3. All Nintendo Switch games will be boosted directing with your Switch device.




4. The following prompt will show up after boosting. Please follow the steps on your Nintendo Switch to configure your network.




C. Set Up Your Nintendo Switch


1. Go to [System Settings] → [Internet] → [Internet Settings]




2. Select your Wi-Fi



3. Select [Change Settings]




4. Input the IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, and DNS provided by GearUP Please note that you must add zeroes in the front if the digits don't match, as shown below.




Please use the parameters provided by GearUP Booster.


5. Return to [Connection Test] after configuration. An example of a successful configuration is shown below.