GearUP Booster

30001/-30001 error


Some users may encounter this error code when using GearUP Booster which can be address by the following steps:


Possible Reasons for these errors:


The virtual network adapter installation failed.


The virtual network adapter was rejected during installation.




If “virtual network adapter” installation is being blocked. Please log out from the GearUP Booster app and log in again. If the virtual network adapter installation prompt appears again, please click "Yes" or "Continue".


Else try out with the following steps:


Click on the Menu on the upper right corner of the app. Select “Setup”. Select “Network tools”. Click on “Uninstall” next to “Uninstall virtual network adapter”. Close GearUP Booster app and relaunch it again. If the problem remains, please refer to the steps below: Enter “Device Manager” window on your device. Ensure “Show Hidden Devices” has been selected. Look for “Network Adapters” in the list. Expand the list under “Network Adapters”.


Look for any device with “*” or “#”. Uninstall them accordingly. Close GearUP Booster app and relaunch it again.