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Zenless Zone Zero Crossplay: Details and Guide


Zenless Zone Zero, touted as miHoYo's flagship game for 2024, is here. This game will take you to a city called "New Eridu," where you'll battle against unknown disasters. You'll experience a fast-paced and smooth action combat system while exploring the world with dozens of unique characters. Players have high expectations for this game, and miHoYo has once again brought it to multiple platforms, including PS5, PC, and mobile devices. As a result, many are curious whether Zenless Zone Zero supports crossplay. If you're also looking for answers or want to know how Zenless Zone Zero handles crossplay, you've come to the right place. This blog guide will provide detailed information on Zenless Zone Zero's online mechanics, and we hope it will be helpful to you.


Part 1: Is Zenless Zone Zero Crossplay

Part 2: Does Zenless Zone Zero Have Cross-Progression

Part 3: How to Further Enhance Your Zenless Zone Zero Experience



Zenless Zone Zero Crossplay: Details and Guide





Is Zenless Zone Zero Crossplay


Yes, Zenless Zone Zero can be played cross-platform on PS5, PC, and mobile devices. This means no matter which platform you're using, you can still team up with friends. Although more detailed information about Zenless Zone Zero's online features isn't available yet, this has been confirmed from previous Beta tests.





Does Zenless Zone Zero Have Cross-Progression


Yes, similar to other games by miHoYo, Zenless Zone Zero supports cross-progression. This means that as long as you're using the same HoyoVerse account, you can share your game progress across any device. This makes it convenient to play the game at any time.





How to Further Enhance Your Zenless Zone Zero Experience


Cross-platform play is a convenient feature provided by the game itself, but there are other ways to make playing Zenless Zone Zero more enjoyable. In a high-speed combat game like this, the most common complaints from players are lag and stuttering. Can you imagine failing a perfect block due to a technical network error and then getting killed by an enemy? Let GearUP Booster help. It is a specialized Zenless Zone Zero game VPN designed to solve unstable network data transmission issues with intelligent algorithms. Its multi-line technology leverages network nodes in 150 countries and cities worldwide to create the best connection routes. Whether you're playing on PS5, PC, or a mobile device, you can get optimized performance. GearUP Booster has an extremely simple user interface, aiming to let every Zenless Zone Zero player enjoy a smooth network with just a few steps. It's your ultimate assistant.


Steps to Reduce Zenless Zone Zero Lag on PC


Step 1: Download GearUP Booster.


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Step 2: Search for Zenless Zone Zero.


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Step 3: Select the server you want to connect to; you can choose the one in your region.


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Step 4: In the boost interface, you can further select server nodes. Confirm your selection and then start the game.


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Zenless Zone Zero supports crossplay across PS5, PC, and mobile devices, making it easier for you to connect and play with friends. Thanks to its cross-progression feature, you can continue your adventure on any device using the same HoyoVerse account. To enhance your gameplay and reduce latency issues, consider using GearUP Booster, a professional Zenless Zone Zero game VPN that ensures a stable and fast network connection across all platforms.