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How to Fix XDefiant Matchmaking Fail


Ubisoft's XDefiant has excited many players not just as a free multiplayer online competitive shooter, but also because it incorporates famous characters from various Ubisoft games into a thrilling battle royale experience. Many players joined the game at launch, only to encounter a common issue: frequent matchmaking failures.


While Ubisoft has announced investigations into servers and infrastructures, there are other reasons that might contribute to these failures. In this article, we will analyze these problems and find effective solutions for resolving XDefiant matchmaking fail issues.


How to Fix XDefiant Matchmaking Fail



Why Does XDefiant Matchmaking Fail


Ubisoft is currently investigating the causes of matchmaking failures, which are likely due to server overloads. However, since some players can successfully match, we need to explore other potential reasons for these issues. Here are three common causes of XDefiant matchmaking failures:

  • Regional Restrictions: Sometimes, players in certain regions may face restrictions or less server availability, which can hinder the matchmaking process.
  • Outdated Game Versions: Players running outdated versions of XDefiant may experience compatibility issues with matchmaking systems, preventing successful connections.
  • Inconsistent Network Connectivity: Players with unstable or slow internet connections may struggle to connect to the game servers reliably. This inconsistency can lead to frequent matchmaking failures as the system fails to maintain a stable connection throughout the matchmaking process.



Can XDefiant Matchmaking Failures Be Solved


Certainly, matchmaking failures are not universal, indicating that individual network issues can also contribute to the problem. The fundamental issue often involves data packets failing to reach the server properly. A straightforward solution for personal network issues is the GearUP Booster, which focuses on optimizing game network traffic. Its smart algorithm customizes the best data transmission routes for each player, ensuring stable data delivery to the server and resolving XDefiant matchmaking failures. Additionally, GearUP Booster significantly improves high ping, packet loss, and latency issues, making it a preferred tool for many FPS gamers.


Using GearUP Booster is simple, with an easy-to-navigate interface that allows every player to quickly enhance their network performance in just a few steps, even if they are beginners. If you're eager to experience its benefits, follow the steps below for a free trial: 


1.Download and install GearUP Booster.


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2.Launch and search for XDefiant.


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3.Select the server you want to connect to; in some regions, you can further choose servers from specific countries.


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4.Click to boost, and then launch the game.


If you are playing XDefiant on Xbox or PS5, GearUP Booster can also enhance your console's network performance. However, a simpler option is HYPEREV, a hardware product by GearUP. It supports Ethernet connections and WiFi expansion, making it ideal for console scenarios. You can even use it as a secondary router to provide smooth internet to your other devices without affecting game performance. HYPEREV's tech-savvy design is highly appreciated by users for its distinctive lighting effects and compact size, adding a decorative touch to your setup. Watch the video below to fully understand its features.





Does GearUP Booster Support Cross-Region XDefiant Play


Yes, GearUP Booster allows you to switch servers and match with different XDefiant servers across regions. However, connecting to a server far from your location might increase your ping due to physical distance. Nevertheless, GearUP Booster minimizes non-physical factors affecting ping and maintains connection stability, ensuring a reliable gaming experience.





Addressing XDefiant matchmaking fail issues is crucial for enjoying the game to its fullest. By understanding the common causes and utilizing tools like GearUP Booster or HYPEREV, players can effectively overcome these challenges and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay. Don’t let matchmaking failures hold you back - implement these solutions and dive back into the action with confidence.