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Why is my Valorant lagging | Common Reasons & Quick Fixes


We have talked about the question of why is my valorant lagging and what can we do about it to solve it effectively. Read till the end to get rid of lag in your gaming sessions.





The online first-person shooter (FPS) game Valorant was created and released by Riot Games. The date of the official release was June 2, 2020. Similar to Overwatch and Team Fortress 2, the game combines tactical shooter features with hero-based gameplay.


Two teams of five players each compete against the other in Valorant throughout several rounds. While the opposing side plays defense, one team assumes the role of the attackers. Depending on the game mode, the goal may vary, but it frequently entails placing or disarming a bomb (known as the "spike" in Valorant) or eliminating every member of the other squad.


So, why is my Valorant Lagging? 

As with any online game, there are several potential causes of lag in Valorant. The following are some typical causes of latency in Valorant:


Network Issues: Issues with your internet connection may be the source of lag. High latency, packet loss, or erratic connection rates are a few examples of this. Lag may be caused by problems with your ISP, network congestion, or a shoddy Wi-Fi connection. Let us dig more into network issues:


Ping and Latency: Latency is the amount of time it takes for data to move back and forth between your computer and the game server. Your actions and subsequent responses in the game are delayed by higher latency or ping. Gaming lag may result from this delay. The distance between your location and the game server, network congestion, and the speed of your internet connection are just a few of the variables that might affect latency.


Packet loss: It is the failure of a data packet to successfully send or receive between your computer and the game server. Gaming pauses or delays may occur as a result of lost packets. Network congestion, broken routers or other network hardware, or problems with your ISP can all contribute to packet loss.


Jitter: When packets are delayed inconsistently or differently as they move from your computer to the game server, this is referred to as jitter. Lag can be brought on by high jitter, which can cause irregular and inconsistent gameplay. Network congestion or problems with the stability of your internet connection are common causes of jitter.


Wi-Fi Interference: When playing Valorant over a Wi-Fi connection, the signal quality may be harmed by interference from other electronic devices, nearby Wi-Fi networks, or physical obstructions. Increased latency, packet loss, and eventually lag may occur from this.


Capped Bandwith: The maximum quantity of data that can be sent through your internet connection in a specific period is referred to as bandwidth. As the game requires a particular quantity of data to be transferred in real-time, insufficient bandwidth can result in lag. Valorant may lag if there is insufficient bandwidth available because of other devices or applications using a significant portion of your internet connection.


How to deal with network issues?

So you searched for “why is my valorant lagging” because you want to fix it afterward. This is how you can do that:


1. Any background downloads or applications using a lot of bandwidth should be stopped.

2. Any firewall or antivirus software that might be preventing the game from connecting should be disabled or configured.

3. To assess the speed, latency, and packet loss of your internet connection, run a network speed test.

4. To improve the connection, reset your modem or router. yes, this works.

5. Use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer directly to the router rather than relying on Wi-Fi.

6. If all of these things don't work, then opt for a game network booster, like the GearupBooster. A reliable and premium service to solve some of your network issues to make sure Valorant works without any network lag or latency issues. Moreover, the servers of this service are strategically placed on the globe to give constant and reliable coverage for this game. 


This concludes our take on the topic of “why is my valorant lagging” and why it happens. Keep in mind that a number of things can affect network performance, and network boosters can help you solve these problems in many cases.