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What's New in The Finals Season 2?


"The Finals" is a highly anticipated competitive showdown where players have the opportunity to battle alongside teams in a virtual arena, vying for honor, wealth, and sponsor support in a hyper-real and destructible environment. The latest season (Season 2) is now live, introducing a new map design featuring a retro gaming theme and an array of new skills related to a "hacker" theme. Let's explore the new additions to the game!



What's New in Season 2?



In Season 2, participants face attacks from the "CNS" hacker organization. As part of the assault, players gain access to new devices. Medium-sized characters acquire two new abilities: Matter Dismantler and Data Reshaper. Matter Dismantler temporarily removes portions of walls and ceilings, providing both offensive and defensive capabilities; while Data Reshaper can transform items on the map into completely different objects, useful for dismantling opponent defenses such as turrets.



New weapons include the KS-23 single-head shotgun for heavy characters, the FAMAS assault rifle for medium-sized characters, and the 93R pistol for light characters.



Heavy and light characters will also receive some new skills. Heavy characters can use the new Anti-Gravity Cube to deactivate gravity in nearby areas, while light characters can deploy a pair of portals for swift movement. Both sides can utilize portals, but players cannot see what's on the other side or shoot through them.



In Season 2, the CNS hacker organization infiltrates a brand-new map named "SYS4HORIZON" and introduces a 5v5 game mode called "Power Shift," similar to Overwatch's payload mode. The new season also includes support for private matches and an improved ranking match system.


What's New in The Finals Season 2


How to Enjoy Seamless Battles Without Network Issues in the New Season´╝č




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