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Warzone 2 Update Notes in July 24


Warzone 2's latest update on July 24th brings comprehensive patch notes, featuring adjustments to weapons and bug fixes. Notably, popular weapons like the x13, basilisk, and cronen squall have received nerfs. The changes include reducing the maximum damage for the cronen squall and x13. Additionally, an earlier patch on July 17th addressed bugs related to armor plates and temp v. The new update introduces further adjustments to various weapons and attachment options. Despite recent nerfs, the cronen squall continues to be a highly effective long-range automatic weapon in the game.Activision is making significant changes to the power of the Cronen Squall in this update. These changes include reducing the weapon's maximum damage, close-range and mid-range damage, and the damage multipliers for headshots, among other adjustments. The hope is that these changes will create an opportunity for other assault rifles to become more viable in the game.


For the complete list of patch notes for the Warzone 2 July 24 update, please refer to the information below.Here are the changes that were implemented in the recent update:


Global: Bug Fixes

  • Addressed an issue where some players were not receiving Battle Pass rewards correctly.
  • Resolved an issue where some players were unable to open the Battle Pass.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't access Division rewards in Career and Warzone Ranked Play rewards.


Warzone Weapons: Assault Rifles:

  • Lachmann-556:
    • Decreased maximum damage.
    • Increased mid-far damage.
    • Decreased headshot multiplier.
    • Decreased neck multiplier.
    • Decreased upper torso multiplier.
  • M4:
    • Decreased upper torso multiplier.
    • Decreased lower torso multiplier.
  • Taq-56:
    • Decreased headshot multiplier.
  • Tempus Razorback:
    • Increased minimum damage.
    • Increased limb multipliers.


Battle Rifles:

  • Cronen Squall (Full Auto):
    • Decreased maximum damage.
    • Decreased close-mid damage.





Weapon balance adjustments and bug fixes


  • Damage step has been added at mid-range.
  • Minimum damage has been decreased.
  • Headshot multiplier has been decreased for handguns.
  • Basilisk: An issue with the akimbo snakeshot basilisk has been fixed, where its damage profile was higher than intended.
  • Ftac Siege: Maximum damage has been decreased.
  • X13 Auto: An issue causing the x13 auto's damage profile to be higher than intended has been fixed. Maximum damage has been decreased.
  • MX Guardian shotgun: Maximum damage, close-mid damage, mid damage, mid-far damage, and minimum damage have all been decreased.
  • ISO 45 submachine gun: An issue causing lower-than-intended damage to the upper right leg has been fixed.
  • Attachments:
    • KV Broadside ammunition for shotguns: Close-mid damage has been decreased.
    • MX Guardian ammunition for shotguns: Maximum damage, close-mid damage, mid damage, and maximum damage range have all been decreased.


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