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Getting Valorant High Ping but Internet is Fine? This is Why!


Are you one of those souls who have Valorant high ping but internet is fine then we are here to help you. Read along. 





High ping is the misery of every gamer's existence, For Casual gamers or serious ones, this issue is responsible for causing several disasters. High ping is bothersome because it creates lag and delays, and latency may be damaging in a hot shooter duel when rapid response is critical for success. High ping affects more than just gamers. If the ping is too high, video and phone conversations may become practically impossible, and casual surfing may suffer as well. In video streaming, high ping also results in poor visual and audio quality. 


Many people come to us and report that they are in a situation where they are facing Valorant high ping but internet is fine for them. What this means is that they are getting high going and probably their latency values are not good as well but their internet is working just fine for other apps which can be for apps that use streaming services or just normal browsing. But this doesn't mean that you will have a good experience in gaming. Because good internet doesn't mean that your gaming experience and browsing experience will be the same. This article explains why this happens as we dig in more.



Good Internet is not always a guarantee of Good Ping:


Yes, this is very much true. Why? because your ping and latency values are dependent on many things including your distance from the server of the game you are connected with, server peak times, congested routes to the server from your home, and many other reasons. Since we are mostly likely very sure that the reader reading this article has a situation where he is getting Valorant high ping but internet is fine on the other end. This can happen because of these reasons which are generic among most of the games and their players:


1. First and most common reason for ping being sluggish is that the gaming experience is affected by physical distances. If the game's server is located a significant distance away from you, the connection between it and your device will take longer, resulting in increased ping.


2. Internet Service Providers can limit the speed of internet connections. If you run out of data or use too much bandwidth, your ISP may limit your connection, increasing ping.


3. ISP servers, like gaming servers, may get congested. When everyone comes home and connects to their home network at about 5 or 9 p.m., speeds drop-down, and ping rises. Wait it out if you can and avoid playing at this time.



What to do about it?


Check your ISP, and most importantly, invest in a good and reliable gaming booster. Why? because they bypass the slowest routes and replace them with the fastest routes available to connect with the game servers to provide you unmatched speeds and super smooth gameplay. This translates even in the situation even when you are playing games in peak times where a lot of players from a single region might be connected to a single server slowing done your chances to get a good ping and latency value.


So which one to select for yourself? we recommend opting for the Gearup booster which is designed to overcome such situations. Backed by hundreds of super-fast servers placed all around the world and with compatibility with all the recent games of the current era, this service solves all your latency and gaming issues. More importantly, the service keeps consistent speeds at all times regardless of the time it is being used. So, if you are playing your favorite game in this case, Valorant, you can solve most of your latency and ping issues with this booster service. 





The problem of Valorant high ping but internet is fine for the users is very common and we have explained this situation in detail and why it happens in the first place. Investing in a reliable gaming booster service and checking up with your ISP is the ultimate solution here.