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How to Properly Use Operator's Universal Equipment in Rainbow Six Siege?


As a competitive shooter, Rainbow Six Siege relies heavily on tactical equipment. Today, we will share strategies for correctly using operator equipment in Rainbow Six Siege.


Defenders have 8 types of equipment, divided into two categories: operator-specific (remote explosives, deployable shields, bulletproof cameras, barbed wire, impact grenades) and universal (wooden barricades, reinforced walls, surveillance cameras).



What are the universal operator equipment?


1.Wooden Barricades

Wooden barricades are versatile and highly destructible. They can be destroyed by gunfire, melee attacks, or explosives. It's important to consider sound penetration. In some maps (such as Café Dostoyevsky, Coastline), breaking the glass on the outer side of the window significantly reduces sound transmission, allowing attackers to rappel silently. Therefore, it's essential to break the glass before resealing the wooden barricade.


2.Reinforced Walls

Each operator has two reinforced panels. Except for specific wall-breaching attackers, all attacks against reinforced walls are ineffective.

-Consider sound penetration: Installing reinforced panels affects sound transmission through the wall. Therefore, it's crucial to create openings in soft walls before installing reinforced panels to ensure sound penetration.

-Maintain clear communication with teammates: Due to the indestructibility and importance of reinforced walls, communication with teammates is crucial. Knowing which walls to reinforce and which ones to leave open is a key strategy for victory.


3.Surveillance Cameras

Remember enemy positions and inform your team as much as possible. If you can't remember, then scan.


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How to Properly Use Operator's Universal Equipment in Rainbow Six Siege


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Step 4: Remember Click on the "Confirm" first, and then launch the game.





Mastering the use of operator equipment is crucial in Rainbow Six Siege for both defenders and attackers. Whether it's deploying barricades, reinforcing walls, or utilizing surveillance cameras, understanding the nuances of each tool can significantly impact gameplay. Additionally, for a smoother gaming experience, GearUP Booster offers an effective solution to combat network latency, providing a stable connection and reducing ping, making it a valuable asset for players seeking optimal performance in Rainbow Six Siege.