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How to Change Server in TRIBES 3?


TRIBES 3: Rivals, the rebirth of the classic series, continues to captivate players with its jetpacks, high-speed skiing, and capture-the-flag gameplay. To provide a better global online experience, TRIBES 3 has deployed game servers in many regions.


Players who enjoy TRIBES 3 find cross-region matches with friends and gamers worldwide to be incredibly fun. However, connecting to different servers can often lead to various issues such as high ping, connection failures, and frequent disconnections. This can be disheartening for those looking to play across regions. In this guide, we will discuss methods to change servers in TRIBES 3 and how to maintain stability when playing cross-region.




1. Why Changing Servers in TRIBES 3 Can be Unstable?

2. How to Change Servers in TRIBES 3?

3. Benefits of Changing Servers in TRIBES 3




How to Change Server in TRIBES 3






Why Changing Servers in TRIBES 3 Can be Unstable?


When we switch servers in TRIBES 3, we are likely to connect to a server that is further away from our location, and this process can involve many unforeseen factors:

  • Distance to the Server: As mentioned, the further the server, the higher the likelihood of lag.
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) Limitations: Some ISPs may have poor routing to certain regions.
  • Network Congestion: High traffic on your local network can also affect your connection quality.





How to Change Servers in TRIBES 3?


Typically, engaging in cross-region gameplay under normal network conditions can lead to a host of connectivity issues. This is where GearUP Booster comes in handy. The software optimizes game network connections and has a network of nodes deployed globally. It automatically finds the best route to any TRIBES 3 server you wish to connect to, ensuring a stable link and consistent data transmission.


Common problems associated with changing servers, such as packet loss and high ping, can be effectively addressed with GearUP Booster. Its intelligent algorithms also provide real-time network protection against sudden spikes in traffic, ensuring that even if you encounter network issues during a match, they can be resolved quickly. GearUP Booster is currently available for a free trial; follow the steps below to download and experience it:


Step 1: Download GearUP Booster.




Step 2: Search for Genshin Impact.


How to Change Server in TRIBES 3-img 2


Step 3: Select a server and node, or you can use the automatic node selection feature.


How to Change Server in TRIBES 3-img 3


Step 4: Confirm the boost and then launch the game.





Benefits of Changing Servers in TRIBES 3


  • Improved Matchmaking: By changing servers, you can find matches faster and play with a more diverse pool of players.
  • Better Ping: Connecting to a server closer to you or optimized by GearUP Booster can result in lower latency.
  • New Challenges: Playing against a different community can provide fresh challenges and experiences.
  • Cultural Exchange: Engaging with players from other regions can be culturally enriching and add to the gaming experience.





Changing servers in TRIBES 3 can enhance your gaming experience significantly. While there are inherent challenges with cross-region play, using a tool like GearUP Booster can mitigate most issues and provide a stable and enjoyable gaming environment. With the benefits of improved matchmaking, lower ping, and new challenges, changing servers is a feature that all TRIBES 3 players should explore. Try GearUP Booster to change servers effortlessly, and take your TRIBES 3 experience to the next level.