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How to Change Server in Titanfall 2?


Not limited to its single-player campaign, Titanfall 2's multiplayer aspect has received acclaim from players worldwide. In this futuristic shooter, the inclusion of mechs adds depth and variety to multiplayer combat. To accommodate global players, EA has deployed numerous servers worldwide. Sometimes, for various reasons, players might need to change to a different server, but they might encounter issues such as high ping, disconnections, and packet loss. This article shares how to change servers in Titanfall 2 and achieve a stable connection.





Why Change Servers in Titanfall 2


Titanfall 2 doesn't restrict server changes, allowing players globally to connect to any server of their choice. Changing servers can offer several benefits, including:

  • Lower Ping: Connecting to a server closer to your location can significantly reduce latency.
  • Better Matchmaking: Changing servers might help you find matches faster or join games with players at a similar skill level.
  • Avoiding Server Downtime: If your usual server is down for maintenance, you can change to another to continue playing.



How to Quickly Change Servers in Titanfall 2


Although EA allows players to change servers in Titanfall 2 freely, issues like high ping and disconnections can occur when connecting to distant servers. To resolve these problems, a network optimization tool like GearUP Booster can be invaluable. It prioritizes game traffic and uses smart algorithms to find the best path to the server, ensuring stable connections while minimizing ping and latency, and reducing packet loss. This makes your online gameplay smoother.


Using GearUP Booster is straightforward. Following a few simple steps will allow you to download and try it out for free.


Step 1.Click the button below to download GearUP Booster.


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Step 3.Select your desired server and node.


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Step 4.Click to boost first, and then launch your game.



How to Change Server in Titanfall 2 In-Game


To change servers in Titanfall 2, follow these specific steps:

  • Launch Titanfall 2 and reach the main menu.
  • Wait for a few seconds at the main menu until you see the data center option at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the Data Center, and a list of available servers will appear, showing their respective pings.
  • Select the server you wish to connect to based on the lowest ping or your preferred geographic location.



Why Does Ping Increase After Changing Servers?


After changing servers in Titanfall 2, you might notice an increase in ping. This typically happens because the server you've changed to is further away from your location than the original one, and ping is influenced by physical distance. However, GearUP Booster can help offset this by using its smart algorithms to shorten the connection path, thus lowering ping under the premise of maintaining connection stability.





Changing servers in Titanfall 2 can significantly improve your gaming experience by reducing latency and enhancing match quality. While selecting a server closer to you is straightforward within the game, addressing any subsequent increase in ping effectively requires tools like GearUP Booster. This ensures a smooth, optimized online experience, allowing you to enjoy Titanfall 2's multiplayer to its fullest.