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Starfield Early Access Guide for Space Pioneers


If you're someone who can't wait to start their starfield journey, we have good news for you – there's a way to get early access to the sci-fi rpg game. The anticipation is reaching fever pitch as space-faring gamers around the globe eagerly await the launch of bethesda's starfield . This ground-breaking rpg promises an unparalleled experience of galactic exploration, setting you on a journey across uncharted frontiers, and letting you experience what it means to be a real space pioneer.


Starfield is a true next-gen experience and has been creating an [inter] stellar buzz in the gaming universe for several years now. Our comprehensive early access guide gives you all the intel you need on how to secure your early access to the game and prepare for an unforgettable cosmic journey.


Starfield Early Access Guide for Space Pioneers


To access Starfield early access, players will need to purchase one of Starfield's special editions that include the early access bonus. The applicable options for early access are as follows:


  • Starfield Premium Edition
  • Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade
  • Starfield Constellation Edition


By pre-purchasing any of these editions, players will be granted early access to the game.


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The start date for Starfield early access is September 1, 2023. Players who have early access will be able to download and enjoy the game five days ahead of the official worldwide launch on September 6.


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