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Reduced Fog in Warzone 2's Vondel Map


Main introduction of this article: Warzone 2's new Vondel map launched with dynamic weather, but within a week, the developers have already started dialing back the feature due to complaints from the community. The fog in Vondel has been reduced following a minor update, but some players are hoping for its complete removal.


Raven Software has decided to reduce the level of fog in the Vondel map of Warzone following player feedback. This adjustment comes shortly after the introduction of dynamic weather in the map during Season 4, which was aimed at adding a new layer of immersion to the gameplay experience.


Reduced Fog in Warzone's Vondel Map


However, due to concerns raised by certain members of the community, the developers have taken the decision to dial back the fog in order to address these concerns.Season 4 introduced the new map Vondel, which is set in the Netherlands and has received positive feedback from fans. However, some players expressed their desire for less fog in the game. As a response to the feedback, Raven Software released a minor update on June 26th to reduce the occurrence of fog during matches.


While some members of the Warzone community were satisfied with the update, others suggested removing fog entirely from the Resurgence/BR mode, stating that the map already had good visibility and vibrant colors.


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