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Rainbow Six Siege New Player Guide - Mastering the Basics


Rainbow Six Siege is a shooting game often considered as only starting at level 100, which can be unfriendly to newcomers. To help new players graduate from being novices more quickly, let's provide a detailed introduction to this beginner's guide.



What Makes RainbowSix Siege Stand Out?



Rainbow Six Siege, known for its close-quarter combat nature, features destructible environments as its primary highlight. 


There are three types of environmental walls:

1.Walls made of concrete or brick (indestructible and bullets cannot penetrate).

2.Wooden structures with reinforced steel layers (explosives and firearms can destroy wooden parts but not steel reinforcement).

3.Wooden walls (can be destroyed by explosives and firearms; shotguns are especially effective against them).



Special Walls:


1.Reinforced metal walls (bullets cannot penetrate; can be destroyed by specific explosives such as "thermite charges," "X-Kairos" pellets, or the "welding torch"). Except for certain operatives who carry one panel, any other operator can carry two panels.

2.Ceilings/floors (wooden without steel reinforcement; susceptible to destruction by explosives, shotguns, or the OTs-03 sniper rifle. Note that ceilings/floors can be reinforced into 'reinforced metal walls').


Additionally, Rainbow Six Siege being an FPS game inherently requires precision in gunplay.



Weapons are broadly categorized into five main types:


1.Assault Rifles (commonly used by attackers with high damage, range and low recoil qualities - equipped with a 2.5x magnification ACOG scope).


2."PDWs" Personal Defense Weapons (commonly used by defenders featuring high fire rate, rapid damage falloff and lower damage output among other characteristics).


3.Shotguns(Tactical category not recommended for beginners; recommended for defenders and discouraged for attackers).


4.Pistols(Except SMG variants these are semi-automatic sidearms wielded by operators.)


5.DMRs(Dedicated marksman rifles exclusively carried by attackers characterized by high damage and low recoil but slower fire rate).



Three special weapon categories:


1.The OTs-03(SVU semi-automatic sniper rifle equipped with a folding thermal sight allowing it to shoot through bulletproof windows on targets like Presidential Plane & pass through smoke screens masking adversaries)

2.The BOSG-12 .2(A Ubisoft developed shotgun speculated to resemble the Beretta double-barrel shotgun firing slugs instead of pellets)

3.The AR-15 .50(A unique variant of AR-15 firing Beowulf rounds)



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Step 2: Search Rainbow Six Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege New Player Guide - Mastering the Basics


Step 3: Select Game Server and Node.

Rainbow Six Siege New Player Guide - Mastering the Basics-img 2


Step 4: Remember Click on the "Confirm" first, and then launch the game.




In conclusion,Rainbow Six Siege demands an understanding of its unique environmental destructibility,multi-tiered weapon classifications spread across regular weapons on Assaulters/Defenders complemented with dedicated Marksman Rifles along Special Weaponry aimed at fostering tactical diversity within intense CQB scenarios.An optimal playing experience also involves addressing potential network latency via user-friendly solutions like GearUP Booster showcasing sustained positive user reception amid gaming enthusiasts.