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PUBG Redeem Codes June 2024: Free LUCKY DRAW BOX


In the ever-evolving battlegrounds of PUBG, staying ahead with the best gear can significantly enhance your gaming experience. As of 2024, the latest PUBG redeem codes have been released, offering players a variety of different in-game items. If you're on the hunt for these codes, you've come to the right place. Bookmark this guide, as we'll periodically update it with new codes to keep your arsenal fresh and competitive.


It's crucial to note that PUBG redeem codes come with an expiration date, though the exact timeframe isn't always disclosed by the officials. Therefore, we advise using the codes as soon as we update them. Should you encounter any issues during redemption, double-check the code you've entered. If problems persist, it's likely the code has expired. Don't worry, though; we'll have more codes coming your way soon.


PUBG Redeem Codes April 2024



Active PUBG Redeem Codes for June 2024


Get ready to unlock the LUCKY DRAW BOX with the following active PUBG codes. Remember, each player can use these codes only once:

  • U01237-N85Z-DQLU-VH4NO
  • U01237-HC3B-MSNQ-SNDUK
  • U01237-3XPF-OYPX-FM2ON
  • U01237-HHUM-DTXV-VM43E
  • U01237-9YN5-V1E3-WXEQ3
  • U01237-F81C-0BX9-LF5FJ
  • U01237-U7YI-KVMJ-Z0JK0
  • U01237-AJTV-TP6K-OZ4TW
  • U01237-3FFY-SRZL-HHFNN
  • U01237-TETQ-HS19-ANP0W




Expired PUBG Redeem Codes


The following codes have expired, but you can still try redeeming them for VENETIAN CRATE; some might still be valid.

  • U01236-QSJ3-32VO-B5U6U
  • U01236-GXP0-97VL-AZ10N
  • U01236-QQR4-D8M7-SQ7QT
  • U01236-MDPG-TH82-HY428
  • U01236-ESCQ-2RCP-MF6G2
  • U01236-WTWX-HRKQ-VR63G
  • U01236-U2VJ-2XBF-335BY
  • U01236-PND9-8S91-UOGTR
  • U01236-MSRT-BFWV-7K4DM
  • U01236-JEW3-Z1WT-B6MVS
  • U01236-YZ8R-ZLZB-SBUAK
  • U01236-GQKT-76YS-DZJU7
  • U01236-G0OH-YL12-IVZJ3
  • U01236-QE4Q-64AL-1V9KE
  • U01236-75XV-9Y71-E8WLM
  • U01236-JJS8-5UJE-QTYW2
  • U01236-OUWP-EP6U-O5FWV
  • U01236-AMCL-FHET-V1330
  • U01236-OAAR-L98G-JMEZ3
  • U01236-HO24-NNMJ-T7CEO


PUBG Redeem Codes April 2024-img 2



How to Redeem Your PUBG Codes


Redeeming your PUBG codes is a straightforward process:

  • Go to the in-game "Store".
  • Click on "Add Bonus/Gift Code" at the bottom left corner.
  • Enter your redemption code.


Tips:This code can only be used with the Steam version of PUBG.



How to Solve PUBG Network Errors?


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Advantages include:

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PUBG Redeem Codes April 2024-img 3


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PUBG Redeem Codes April 2024-img 4


Step 4: Click to boost, and then launch PUBG.





As we navigate through the expansive world of PUBG in 2024, staying updated with the latest redeem codes is essential for enhancing your gameplay. Remember, the early bird gets the worm, or in this case, the gear. So, make sure to use the codes promptly and check back for updates. For those experiencing network issues, GearUP Booster offers a viable solution to ensure a smooth, victorious gaming experience. Stay ahead, stay competitive, and most importantly, enjoy the game.