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How to Properly Use Operator's Unique Equipment in Rainbow Six Siege?


Rainbow Six Siege, as a competitive shooter game, relies heavily on tactical equipment. Today, we will be sharing a guide on the proper use of unique operator equipment in Rainbow Six Siege. Looking back at the development of Rainbow Six Siege, defensive operators have consistently held a higher win rate than offensive ones. For new and regular players, securing kills often depends more on using tacical equipment effectively rather than solely relying on gunplay. So how can you further improve your win rate aside from shooting? Here's where our main topic comes into play—tactical equipment.


Defenders strictly possess 8 types of equipment, divided into two categories: unique operator-specific and shared operator equipment (which will be explained in the second part).


What unique operator-specific equipment is available?


1.Remote Explosives

With a blast radius of 4 meters and causing full damage within 3 meters, remote explosives are heavier compared to throwable items used by attackers like grenades. They cannot be thrown far but can be tossed while moving forward for increased distance.


-Warning and Deterrence: The audible range for the alarm sound of the remote explosives is 10 meters; it can be heard within 5 meters. Exploit this feature to barricade smaller doors and windows, forcing attackers to use their gadgets or change their attack route. For instance, when defending a bomb site on the plane map, placing one near a door adds substantial psychological pressure on opponents.


-Vertical Elimination: Utilize information gathered by operators like Pulse, Valkyrie, Mozzie to achieve vertical penetrating kills using remote explosives. It's essential to remember enemy positions; alternatively, mark them first before adjusting the throwing angle.
Deployable Shield


2. Deployable shield

It is a square bulletproof steel plate that can only be destroyed by explosive abilities of some operators; it perfectly fits small doorways.


-Firing-position Gaps: The front face of the deployable shield is concave; exploit this to create gaps that allow for firing from a secure position.


-Glass Observation: Following last year's redesign of deployable shields with around 12 symmetrical bulletproof glass panels added on top; make use of transparent observations for peeking and achieving positional advantage.


3.Bulletproof Camera

It uses thermal imaging to detect enemies through smoke, is bullet-resistant from the front but vulnerable from the sides, and can be destroyed by explosives.


-Trap Placement and Obstruction:
Utilize the Bulletproof Camera to bait enemies and set up traps, primarily using proximity traps. It can also be used to impede enemy advancement and force them to change their approach.


-Disrupting Objective Scanning:
When excessive intel positions have been chosen by teammates, unused Bulletproof Cameras can be placed at entry points to prevent objective scanning by drones.


4.Razor Wire/Impact Grenade

These two pieces of equipment are fairly conventional; there aren't many specific tactics for their usage. Razor wire is placed at objective points for anchoring while impact grenades are employed for decoration or eliminating downed enemies.



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How to Properly Use Operator's Unique Equipment in Rainbow Six Siege


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In conclusion


Mastering operator-specific equipment is crucial in Rainbow Six Siege. Additionally, combating network latency can be solved by using specialized gaming network optimization tools like GearUP Booster. Employing these strategies will significantly enhance your gameplay experience.