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How to Obtain the Legendary Old Bow Blueprint in Palworld?


Embarking on the journey to obtain the legendary old bow blueprint in Palworld demands preparation for a challenging quest. For players who appreciate the beauty of ancient bows and seek to compete with high-tier Palrus and advanced weapons, the legendary old bow is an extraordinary choice. However, this legendary weapon cannot be crafted through conventional tech tree means - you must first obtain a precious blueprint to unveil the mysteries of this weapon. Despite the extremely low drop rate of the legendary old bow blueprint, perseverance and patient exploration in the right locations will eventually lead to rightful glory.




Where Can You Obtain the Legendary Old Bow Blueprint?



To acquire the legendary old bow blueprint, you need to head to Small Settlement near Alpha Empress Merupa's domain, located at precise map coordinates 49,-460. The Empress Merupa is a level 23 neutral boss particularly vulnerable to dark attribute attacks. If you plan to challenge this boss at a similar level, it's wise to bring powerful allies such as Killmari, Dormant Demon, or Catbat Creature as they will help you inflict more damage and defeat enemies faster.



Upon arrival at the destination, the colossal figure of Empress Merupa will be unmistakable — she lurks in a vast open area, awaiting brave challengers. During battle, be mindful of two smaller Melpacas that automatically attack when you engage the boss. It is recommended to take care of these minor opponents first to avoid unnecessary distractions during the boss battle.




What Is the Drop Rate for the Legendary Old Bow Blueprint?



Whether obtained by capture or defeating Empress Merupa, there is a chance that you may acquire one of four precious blueprints for this ancient bow. However,this blueprint has a relatively low drop rate—estimated at approximately around 5%. To obtain this legendary old bow, you may need to challenge Empress Merupa multiple times and invest considerable time and effort.



Fortunately, Empress Merupa refreshes every 30 minutes. As such from a statistical perspective,you may need around 10 hours continuously challenging and refreshing battles one after another.With in between periods given for waiting,before ultimately obtainingthe legendary old bow blueprint.In these intervals,you can plan other tasks to enrich your game time as this will be a long and challenging journey.


Of course,sometimes luck smiles on brave adventurers.Perhaps,you might luckily obtainthe blueprint during your first or second challenge against Empress Merupa.Regardless,persistence and patience throughout your efforts combined with luck will undoubtedly leadto rewarding results.




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How to Obtain the Legendary Old Bow Blueprint in Palworld


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In Conclusion


In Palworld's vast lands,you have persevered through countless challenges,and finally securedthe legendary oldbow blueprint.This achievement not only testifies your courage and wisdom but also carries with it ancient powerand glory.Every arrow drawn from this bow signifies self-transcendence and challenge.An upgrade over every triumph—a true reflection of adventurous spirits.