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How to Obtain High-Quality Pal Oil in Palworld?


In the game Palworld, high-quality Pal oil stands as a coveted and precious resource for players. Not only does it play a pivotal role in crafting polymers, but it's also crucial for continually upgrading and unlocking new weaponry in the game. If you are eager to move beyond rudimentary Stone Age weapons into higher-end, more potent equipment, high-quality Pal oil becomes an indispensable treasure.



 How to Obtain High-Quality Pal Oil?



1.Capturing Specific Pals in the Wild

Initially, you can acquire high-quality Pal oil by defeating or capturing specific Pals in the wild, which have a chance of dropping this valuable resource. While drop rates may vary, patient searching and defeating these particular Pals offer opportunities to obtain this precious resource.



2.Purchase from Roaming Merchants

Another method of obtaining high-quality Pal oil is through purchase. In the game, there's a specialized supplier located in the north offering high-quality Pal oil for purchase. Though relatively pricey at 300 coins per unit, if you urgently need this resource for upgrading your arsenal quickly, purchasing becomes a viable option.



3.Rapid Acquisition in Desert Areas

For more efficient access to high-quality Pal oil, there are special farming methods available—venturing north into desert areas and clearing specific species that spawn there, especially Digitoise. This particular Pal can drop up to six units of high-quality Pal oil upon defeat or capture—offering an excellent pathway for rapid acquisition. However, it's important to note that desert areas have harsh environments with extreme heat during the day and cold at night; additionally, Pals encountered are of higher levels. Therefore, adequate preparation with your best Pals and necessary gear and items is advised before heading into desert areas.



4.Explore Different Regions

Beyond Digitoise, exploring different regions allows you to seek other Pals that may drop high-quality Pal oil. Different regions host various types of spawning Pals with potentially different item drops—in this way exploring diverse locales becomes a good method for obtaining high-quality Pal oil.



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How to Obtain High-Quality Pal Oil in Palworld


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In summary, in "Palworld," high-quality Pal oil stands as a highly critical resource—obtained through defeating specific Pals or trying unique farming methods—injecting new vitality into your arsenal. These suggestions aim to enhance your enjoyment within the world of "Palworld."