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Here is new in Apex Legends season 17


On May 10th, Apex Legends will launch its new S17 season, which will introduce a highly charismatic and powerful new legend - Ballistic. The new season will also bring changes to the map, systems, shooting range, and gameplay.


New Legend


Ballistic is an offensive character with a passive ability to carry an additional weapon, but these weapons cannot be equipped with attachments. His tactical ability is to fire a smart bullet that tracks and deals damage to the target. If the target is hit, they will enter the "overheated" state, taking additional damage and unable to shoot for a short time. His ultimate ability provides a buff of unlimited ammo and increased movement speed for all allies, while turning his own passive weapon into a gold one.




Map Changes


The map will also undergo changes, with the highly popular Fragment East and Fragment West areas in the edge of the world adding a new building - the Apex Museum. It includes three parts: a "display room" showcasing the old Apex legends, a "gift shop" piled high with countless dolls and mascots, and an "art wall" depicting the signature moves of the legends. The scenery and terrain details of the entire map have also been improved, with more snow scenes added in some areas, and many lava zones turned into more suitable combat areas.




Shooting Range Upgrade


The shooting range will have more than four times the practical area it had before. In addition to various props and weapon trial areas, new functional areas such as 1v1 height difference practice, indoor combat simulation, body movement practice, and shooting specialization practice have been added. These improvements make the shooting range no longer a monotonous practice area, but the best place for friends to practice together. In addition, it is rumored that the new season's shooting range will also add powerful new features such as AI bots and bot counterattacks, which many players are looking forward to.



Gameplay Improvements


In terms of gameplay, Apex Legends will add a new survival item - the Evac Tower. After a certain amount of deployment time, players can use it to fly and transfer. Although this item has a long deployment delay and can be destroyed by enemies, its transfer ability will greatly change the confrontation ecology of S17 season.




Other Changes


In addition, a new weapon proficiency system will be launched along with the new legend Blisk. Players can unlock more weapon challenges by using specific weapons to cause damage, kill enemies, or complete headshots, and obtain unique weapon proficiency rewards, including counters and special skins. A new anti-cheat system and a new ranking system will also be launched at the beginning of the S17 season, bringing a better gaming environment for players and allowing them to enjoy a brand new season experience. In summary, the changes in the S17 season are not limited to adding a powerful new legend, but also include changes to the map, shooting range, gameplay, and more. This will bring players a more diverse and rich gaming experience.


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