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League of Legends PATCH 13.14: Key Contents and Network Optimization Methods


Introducing the League of Legends summer event: Soul Fighter! Summoners from all corners eagerly anticipate the unveiling of the latest offerings. This event brings forth a fresh game mode called Arena, accompanied by the Tournament of Souls, a captivating metagame within the client. Additionally, a diverse array of fighters graces the stage, showcasing the all-new Soul Fighter skinline.


Amidst the excitement, keep a vigilant eye on Naafiri, the newest champion, as she sets her sights on asserting dominance as the apex predator in the Rift.


Furthermore, this patch marks the commencement of Ranked Split 2. Take note of the Mid-Season Ranked Reset section below, which outlines the kickoff times for ranked matches and highlights the changes unfolding throughout this split, including the introduction of the Emerald tier.


Now, let's delve into the patch content itself. Incremental adjustments have been made to enhance the carry potential of top lane champions, while the early jungle gank power has been tempered. Additionally, measures have been taken to tone down the mobility of bot lane champions. Notable quality-of-life improvements have been implemented for Zyra, Xerath, and Lissandra, alongside assassin tuning and further balance adjustments for ARAM.


Here are the PATCH 13.14 NOTES.


League of Legends PATCH 13.14: Key Contents and Network Optimization Methods



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