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How to Stop Lag on PS4 | Reasons and Our Recommended Fixes


This article explores the question of how to stop lag on ps4, the last generation of PS4 console which remains popular among gamers. 





Sony Interactive Entertainment created the eighth-generation home video game console known as the PS4. Its first iteration was released in 2013, and its most recent model, the PS4 Pro, is capable of running the newest games at higher frame rates in 4K resolution. The PS4 is popular today and rivals Microsoft's Xbox One in popularity.


Even though the PS4 is a powerful and intelligent technology, it occasionally has problems that can be unpleasant, especially if they happen in the middle of a game. You're not alone if you're experiencing latency with your PS4, even if you have a strong internet connection. This is a frequent issue that many people face. 


Other frequent problems among the many are freezing and lagging. This includes game lagging, console freezing and shutting off during gameplay, freezing during installation, etc. The lag can also occur when it comes to network connectivity. Let's explore all these problems and their basics to answer the trending question of how to stop lag on ps4:



What is the Lag on Gaming Consoles?


When referring to video game consoles, the term "lag" describes the time it takes between a player's input, such as pressing a button or moving a joystick, and the action that results on the screen. Because it interferes with real-time responsiveness, which is essential for fluid and engaging gameplay, it can be frustrating for gamers.



How to Stop Lag on PS4?


Try these fixes which we have tried ourselves and are very effective for different scenarios:


2. Change your DNS settings to a faster DNS, set your MTU to 1476, and turn off your proxy server to stop your PS4 console from experiencing game latency. Install the most recent updates while making some space available on your console. Check to see whether your PS4 is not overheated.


3. Invest in a network booster service like Hyperev. This will not only provide you a dual network connectivity of 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz optimized for gaming but also you will get booster service built right into one package. The booster is connected to an insanely fast network backed by servers places all around the world. 


4. If you're lagging, it might be because you have a slow download speed. Increasing the download speed can assist you in resolving this issue. To properly configure your network connection, follow this: Go to Settings > Network Select Check your Internet connection to ensure that your network is operational. 


Navigate to Internet Connection Setup. Choose your connection method (WiFi or LAN). Then, Select Custom > select your network. Go to IP Settings and then select Automatic. Now, at DHCP Host Name > select Do not specify and for DNS Settings, select Manual. Now set as your Primary DNS and as your Secondary DNS. After this hit Next, navigate to MTU Settings > select Manual > set 1476 > hit Next and for Proxy server > select Do Not Use. 


After these steps, check your Internet connection now. You should have a faster download speed this time. Aim for a minimum download speed of 10 MB. Test your connection numerous times, and if you're still getting less than 10 MB, disable all other WiFi-connected devices and apps or obtain a LAN cable. You can also try changing the WiFi settings on your router from N (300mps) to Router with settings B or G if they make better results.


5. Restart your router and modem. This will reset your connection and, in most cases, resolve any issues with your ISP. If you're still having problems, try connecting your PS$ to your modem with an Ethernet connection. This will eliminate any potential interference and provide you with the best connection possible.


6. Using an Ethernet wire, connect your PS4 to the router or modem. Wired connections are often more stable and speedier than Wi-Fi connections. If you're using Wi-Fi, make sure your PS4 is close to the router to avoid interference and signal deterioration.


7. Reduce the number of network devices connected to your network while gaming. The more devices that share your network's capacity, the more likely you are to experience lag.



Wrapping up:


In conclusion, lag can be a frustrating issue for gamers on PlayStation 4 (PS4) consoles, particularly when it comes to network connectivity that is why a lot of netizens are searching for the question of how to stop lag on ps4. Following the steps mentioned above, such as using a wired connection, optimizing internet speed, managing background applications, configuring QoS & port forwarding, adjusting DNS settings, updating firmware, optimizing device proximity, and investing in a network booster device like Hyperev can significantly reduce lag and enhance your gaming experience.