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How to Resolve Warzone Mobile Stuck at Login Screen


Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is the latest mobile version of the popular game series. Due to its high-quality gameplay, this release has garnered significant attention. However, many players have encountered a frustrating issue where the game gets stuck at the login screen, resulting in a prolonged black screen or an inability to access the game interface. If you're facing this problem, continue reading as we provide solutions in this article.



Resolving Network Issues


There are various reasons for getting stuck at the login screen, but network issues are likely the primary culprit. Since the game doesn't provide any specific error messages, many players may not realize this as the underlying problem and end up waiting indefinitely. In such cases, you can try downloading GearUP Mobile Booster, a network optimization tool specifically designed for mobile gaming. With just one click, it can boost Warzone Mobile and if successful in logging into the game, it confirms that network issues were causing the problem.


Apart from resolving login troubles, GearUP Mobile Booster also reduces network latency, minimizes packet loss, and helps avoid congestion by deploying precise global network nodes to find optimal routes. Some advantages of GearUP Mobile Booster include:

  • Supports multiple languages with easy switching.
  • User-friendly and intelligent tool without complex operations.
  • Free to use.
  • Compatible with over 3000 popular games.
  • Exclusive leading-edge technology.
  • Low power consumption without excessive use of device performance.


For an optimal gaming experience in Warzone Mobile that remains unaffected by network issues, you can now freely download GearUP Mobile Booster from the App Store or Google Play Store as it is available worldwide.



Other Fixes


Additional Methods for Resolving Warzone Mobile Matchmaking Lobby Error Code 2004:

(Note: These methods may not guarantee success and involve complex operations; please exercise caution.)

  • Restart the game: A simple step where you close and relaunch Warzone Mobile to eliminate any possible bugs.
  • Enable two-factor authentication (2FA): Visit, log in to your Activision account, enable 2FA under "Privacy and Security," then follow on-screen instructions before logging back in.
  • Close all background processes: Shut down other running apps on your device before launching the game to optimize performance and resources allocation.





If you're encountering the issue of Warzone Mobile being stuck at the login screen, addressing potential network problems by using tools like GearUP Mobile Booster can significantly improve your gaming experience. Additionally, restarting the game or enabling two-factor authentication might be effective troubleshooting methods but remember that results may vary and complex operations should be approached with caution.