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How to reduce lag in Minecraft | Effective & Practical Methods


This article talks about the ever-trending query of how to reduce lag in Minecraft and how it can be identified before actually solving the issue itself. Read till the end to learn all about it.



So, you landed on this page because you searched for how to reduce lag in Minecraft. Lag is one of the most vexing problems that some Minecraft players have had to deal with over the years. Minecraft, like any other game, can experience frame drops, stuttering, and other issues. Fortunately, because the open-world game has been out for so long, players have devised some inventive solutions to the slowness. 


This is true for both Minecraft's single-player and multiplayer modes. However, depending on the player's situation and the server they joined, correcting lag in multiplayer may be beyond their control. 


How to reduce lag in Minecraft


Why does Lag happen in Minecraft?

The question of how to reduce lag in Minecraft is often asked by our editors so here are our greatest Minecraft lag reduction tips:


1. Client Lag:

Minecraft's survival, lone-wolf mode is still popular today, although some users have experienced difficulty configuring their game for a good experience.


When attempting to eliminate lag, FPS drops, and stutters, players should begin by adjusting their video settings. This is done by heading to the main menu, selecting Options, and then Video Settings. From here, users can adjust a variety of parameters to help Minecraft operate more smoothly without lowering the graphical quality. Naturally, these options are largely limited to PC players.


Also termed as Client lag is influenced by factors such as a huge number of entities (for example, thousands of dropped blocks or animals) and a few other related factors such as light values on structures running shader-packs, modifications, and so on. This is the most prevalent sort of lag and will cause your FPS (Frames Per Second) to decline. When playing on servers, this is minimized since the game engine calculations are performed on another computer (the server), decreasing the computations that your computer must perform and so providing you with more resources to enjoy the game. This is the only type of lag that is affected by your computer's quality.


2. Server Lag:

Also referred to as TPS in Minecraft, is an abbreviation for Ticks Per Second. TPS, often known as game ticks, has a maximum of 20 and is hardwired into Minecraft as the universal speed. That is the shortest length of time distinguishable from the perspective of the game. Each "tick" causes the game to recalculate mob direction, as well as other things like planting crops, altering mob direction, and so on. To give you an indication of how long it is, each redstone tick is equal to two game ticks. This is also why Redstone "half" ticks occur, which are 1 game ticks. 


How to reduce lag in Minecraft


3. Latency Issues:

Related to a server and your connectivity, this is the most common issue that players get. Latency lag occurs when you are too far from your server, causing the connection to be somewhat delayed. Internet slowness is typically caused by being geographically distant from the server host. This means that electrical impulses must travel many milliseconds to reach the server and then return. This means that there may be a delay between your computer's input and its display on your and other screens. 


Other causes of internet slowness include bandwidth limitations, which are prevalent during a DDoS (Distributed Denial Of Service) assault, in which the server is bombarded with so many connections that it is unable to handle normal connections. When there are a lot of cars on the road, the roadways slow down and get congested.


If you want to test your latency with a server, simply log into Minecraft and add the server to your list of servers. When it is added, a little symbol will appear in the upper right corner of the server field, just above the number of slots the server has. Hovering over the icon displays the server's ping time. 


Wrapping Up:

The query of how to reduce lag in Minecraft is always trending as the game itself is incredibly popular to this day. We hope our explanation has helped you understand why you are experiencing lag in your client or connectivity.