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How to Play World of Tanks As Beginner?


World of Tanks is a unique shooting game, different from traditional FPS games where the player's perspective is that of a character. In World of Tanks, the main focus on the battlefield is the tanks themselves. This distinction results in entirely different game mechanics and elements compared to traditional FPS games. For players looking to get started with World of Tanks, there are many key points to consider and numerous techniques distinct from those in typical FPS games.


What Basic Knowledge You Need to Know?


1.Vehicle Upgrade System

Each tank starts at level 1 when the battle begins. You can earn battle experience by collecting resources or causing damage to enemies, which allows you to upgrade your tanks during the game. Each tank has different components that can be upgraded. When upgrading, you need to leave the battlefield and select the most suitable option from two upgrade schemes. Once upgraded, you cannot change your choice, so it's essential for commanders to choose carefully!


2.Tank Skills

In World of Tanks, all tanks have two universal skills: health regeneration and repair kit. The health regeneration skill gradually restores a certain percentage of the tank's health; however, its effect is interrupted when the tank takes damage. It does not stack with other similar skills; only the most effective one will take effect! The repair kit skill repairs all damaged tank modules and reduces shell shock time similar to a large repair kit. In addition to these two universal skills with a 30-second cooldown, each tank also has a unique skill with a 45-second cooldown and an outstanding ultimate skill with a 90-second cooldown.


3.Tank Crew Members

In this mode, you and other players start the battle on an equal footing without concerns about how crew member proficiency or skill quantity might affect combat outcomes. Each battle has a unique commander who possesses an intrinsic skill called battlefield intuition (commander's vision) as well as two other skills. However, these commanders cannot be transferred back to barracks, dismissed, have their skills changed or gain member experience.


4.Waiting for Opportunities in Bushes

The "bushes within 15m" mechanism serves the purpose of avoiding detection when firing in concealment because when firing occurs within 15m around your tank, bushes collapse and trees lose their concealment effect; firing beyond 15m will not reveal your position.


What to Do About Network Lag When World of Tanks?


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How to Play World of Tanks As Beginner



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Step 4: Remember Click on the "Confirm" first, and then launch the game.


In conclusion


Whether you're new to World of Tanks or seeking solutions for network-related issues during gameplay, leveraging tools like GearUP Booster can significantly enhance your gaming experience. Understanding the game's mechanics and utilizing optimization solutions can empower gamers to address both in-game challenges and network performance, leading to an overall improved gaming experience in World of Tanks.