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How to Master Naval Battles in War Thunder?


War Thunder is an intensely hardcore warfare game offering three primary gaming modes: aerial combat, ground warfare, and naval battles. This article focuses on the tactics of naval battles, emphasizing the key factors for succeeding, which include a deep familiarity with game mechanics, precise aiming skills, and tactical judgment. Let's delve into detailed insights regarding naval battles in War Thunder.



How to Master Naval Battles in War Thunder




What's the Key Focus for Mastering Naval Battles?




Aiming and Firing:
Accuracy in aiming and firing is crucial. Once a target is locked, a distance reading with an approximate variance of plus or minus 200 meters will be displayed. Continuously locking the target while in motion will update distance measurements. When sighting through the gun sight, align the XY axis of the sight with the target after locking on. The turrets will automatically adjust to approximate the distance to the enemy vessel. At this point, the red inverted triangle beneath the reticle provides an X-axis lead indicator for targeting. Firing calculations involve estimating enemy distance, heading, speed, one's own speed, turret orientation—all requiring adjustment based on this information.


Main Gun Sight Perspective:
Before firing, moving the crosshair near to the enemy ship is necessary. Pressing "X" locks onto targets then pressing "Shift" enters gun sight perspective where careful observation of an enemy's posture along with battlefield information will help calculate shot placements. Once set in position, press left click to fire.



Shell Trajectory Observation and Ammo Selection:
During combat scenarios, shell trajectory observation may be limited and cannot track bullet perspective leading to reliance on battlefield judgment for adjustments in shooting positions. Different tonnage ships require varying ammunition types; for example, AP shells for heavy tonnage vessels and proximity-fused shells for smaller tonnage vessels.



Combat Techniques:
Understanding lead adjustments based on different scenarios such as shooting directly at a same-speed target or pulling back when speed matches inversely—is vital knowledge. Observe changes in smoke and fog since these indicators significantly affect lead calculations.



Vehicle Maintenance and Damage Handling:
In combat, actions such as extinguishing fires (key "6"), repairing ship components (key "7"), drainage after taking on water (key "8") are crucial tactics. Recognizing damage types (e.g., hit ammunition depots or hull breaches) promptly requires timely repairs.




What If There Is Packet Loss During Naval Combat?




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In summary, mastering naval battles in War Thunder requires a deep understanding of aiming precision, weapon selection, tactical adjustments, combat techniques, and vessel maintenance. Furthermore, addressing potential network issues enhances the overall gaming experience. Utilizing professional tools such as GearUP Booster ensures stable network connections and reduced latency while offering global server support and data security guarantees. By combining these strategies with effective network optimization, players can enjoy a seamless and rewarding naval combat experience within War Thunder.