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How to make Genshin Run Smoother? A Comprehensive Guide


Searching for how to make Genshin run smoother to get better gameplay? In this article, we will explain all of that. 





What precisely is Genshin Impact, the video game phenomenon that has rocked the industry? Open-world, action-packed, massively multiplayer role-playing game Genshin Impact was created by a Chinese studio called Mihoyo.


Since its release in 2021, it has helped a huge number of streamers and YouTubers establish their careers and has been able to attract tons of fan base. Players now have the opportunity to explore once more while staying at home during these tumultuous times. The game also won the 2021 Apple Design Awards and Best Game of 2020 on Google Play. Even the Golden Joystick Awards nominated it for Ultimate Game of the Year. Given its popularity, the game is still played by many people and they usually face the problem of slow sluggish performance. This is why the keywords "how to make genshin run smoother" are trending and this article fixes that.



What kind of lag Genshin Can Experience? 


Well, lag is a diverse term that doesn't have a single solution as it is related to many reasons both attached to the network and hardware you are using to play the game itself. Hardware lags are more related to the issues of outdated graphical or processing units in your gaming system whether it is a console or a PC machine. Other than processing, memory requirements and other hardware issues can also bring lag but players who face Genshin lag are mostly prone to network problems which bring more problems to their gaming experience. 


When it comes to network lags and sluggish performance in the Genshin gaming experience, players who are searching for the question of "how to make Genshin run smoother" can refer to these most common reasons behind their slow gameplay:



But How to make Genshin run Smoother?


Before we go into running things smother, lets first state the most common issues with network lagging the Genshin gameplay and their remedies:


1. Internet Connection is the Culprit:

Checking that your Internet connection is working properly should be your first step if you experience Genshin Impact lag. Your Internet connection can be cut off and reconnected. And since a cable connection to the Internet is typically more dependable and swifter than a wireless one, it is preferable to utilize one when playing games.


2. You are in the Wrong Zone:

Genshin Impact allows you to pick your servers on Android, iOS, and Windows. However, selecting a gaming server outside of your area may result in lag and high ping. If you are having trouble with Genshin Impact's ping times, consider choosing the server that is closest to you to lessen network delay. Open the client of Genshin Impact, then a "Server" button would be located underneath the Start Game button on the main screen. Finally, click the Server option and select the server that is closest to your location. (We assume you know maps)


3. Check that DNS:

The backbone of the internet is frequently referred to as the Domain Name System, or simply DNS. It facilitates the conversion of website names like to IP addresses on your device. It's conceivable that your ISP's DNS server is now offline or undergoing maintenance if you're having network problems. In the meanwhile, until the problem is fixed, try changing your default DNS server. 


4. Close that hidden Apps in the Background:

Background processes can consume a lot of bandwidth. Genshin Impact may be rather jerky if you've opened several other programs while playing. It is advised to terminate any unneeded background processes while using Genshin Impact. This can be done in task manager if you are on PC where you will see a tab called processes. 


5. Invest in a Gaming Booster:

That’s right. When we say this, we mean it because gaming boosters are nowadays a must-have treatment for a gaming console or gaming PC as they bring more convenience of connection problem dealing and also bring low latency values.





In this article, we discussed how to make Genshin run smoother when it comes to network lags and other problems. We highly recommend investing in a reliable gaming booster like Gearup Booster which is designed to be companionable with Genshin and gives the lowest ping values even when it is peak times. A sleek app with it makes the deal even more sweet.