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How to Level Fast in Throne and Liberty?


This Throne and Liberty leveling guide serves as your ultimate resource for accelerating progress within the captivating realm of Solisium. This guide is filled with good strategies and meticulous tactics, shedding light on the most effective routes, contracts, and techniques to expedite your leveling journey. Whether it's completing contracts or employing strategic mob grinding and resource gathering, this is essential for propelling your rise to grandeur in Throne and Liberty.


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How to Understand Throne and Liberty Level System?


Before diving into the primary focus of this article, it's important to provide insight into how the level system operates within Throne and Liberty. This context is crucial, especially considering the developers have pledged a complete overhaul of the system. While fundamental principles of MMORPGs will persist, the development team has endeavored to introduce innovative elements to their project.


Primarily, in Throne and Liberty, expediting leveling often involves completing contracts or quests. It's important to note that there are significant renovations in this aspect of leveling within Throne and Liberty. Specifically, there are four distinct types of contracts in the game which we will detail below:


  • Main Storyline Contracts – Purple;
  • Exploration/Side Contracts – Blue;
  • Resistance/Daily Contracts – Yellow;
  • Guild Contracts – Green.


If you've delved into other MMORPGs, some of the contract types mentioned earlier may seem familiar, but the introduction of Guild Contracts is a new and intriguing feature to explore within Throne and Liberty. Each quest type is distinguished by its own color and operates independently from the others.


What Is The Optimal Strategies for Swift Advancement in Throne and Liberty?



In our ongoing Throne and Liberty leveling guide, we aim to direct your attention to the currently available best approaches for fast progression in Throne and Liberty. While we have endeavored to detail every method within our knowledge, it's important to note that changes may occur upon the game's global launch. Therefore, stay tuned and revisit this article periodically for updates on the latest developments!


Outlined below are some of the most effective ways to level up swiftly in Throne and Liberty:

  • Fulfilling Contracts
  • Engaging in Mob Grinding
  • Exploring and Clearing Dungeons
  • Resource Gathering
  • Taking part in In-Game Events


How to Deal With Network Latency in Throne And Liberty?



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How to Level Fast in Throne and Liberty



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Step 4: Remember Click on the "Confirm" first, and then launch Throne and Liberty.




As you conclude our comprehensive Throne and Liberty leveling guide, equipped with strategies and insights to accelerate your progress, keep in mind that swift advancement isn't solely about amassing experience points—it's about immersing yourself in the essence of this enthralling world. Your journey within Throne and Liberty is an intricate tapestry woven from undertaken contracts, conquered challenges, vanquished mobs, and gathered resources.