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Gaming Basics: How to Get Better Ping To avoid that Annoying lag?


One of the most common questions we get is how to get better ping. This is because many gamers out there face this issue and want to fix this problem. In this article, we are going to give our best suggestions to help you fix that problem. 






Are you one of those unlucky souls who suffer constantly lagging when playing online games? We can guess that since you were searching the keywords how to get better ping. Even when you successfully hide behind cover, are you still injured by hostile bullets? This occurs when the ping is excessively high, resulting in lag times between player movement and the server's response, slowing down the game in an annoying way. Here, we'll explain why your device's ping is constantly high and how to lower it so that your gaming experience is as flawless as possible.


A computer scientist named Mike Muuss coined the term "ping," and he was motivated by the ping sound made by submarine sonar pulses (we bet you were not expecting that right?). Ping, or "Packet Internet or Inter-Network Groper," is what it means in computer jargon. Really? Yes. Initially built around the echolocation theory, it was intended to test internet connections and confirm IP addresses. Muuss also wished to calculate the lag time of data packets in milliseconds (ms), which is extremely crucial for all the gamers out there.



What is Ping?


A pinged command is sent from your computer or gaming console to the gaming server and then returned to you. You can play online games more aggressively the lower your ping speed. A faster ping provides you a significant advantage over any of your rivals who have a slower ping. Ping speeds are measured in milliseconds (ms), and the upper limit typically ranges from 10ms to 300ms. Your keyboard commands will respond to you more quickly the fewer milliseconds of delay your ping speed indicates. Lag is the term for this delay.


Generally speaking, a reasonable ping for gaming is less than 20 milliseconds (ms). A smoother gaming experience is associated with a reduced ping. When playing in the lobby, some games, including Halo Infinite, display a Ping figure as the server tries to match the players. This may explain why you always perish before the other player.



How to Get Better Ping?


Many factors can be affecting your ping and there are many ways to fix that. First, try approaching your router closer. Your Wi-Fi signal will be impacted by things like flooring, walls, and other physical obstructions. Close any open websites and background programs. Also, close all web pages on all devices, stop all background downloads, and turn off all apps. Fewer gadgets should be Wi-Fi connected. Your ping will increase, and the connection speed will be impacted by each device connected to the network. 


Try to restart the router, this helps many times. If the router has been used a lot, restarting it will help it get back to work. Make use of local servers when gaming. Your ping will drop if you play games on a server in your nation. If there are any problems, check with your Internet service provider.


When playing games, turn off all other devices and set your router's Quality of Service (QoS) settings to give gaming traffic priority. Your broadband service provider might suggest a package that fits your lifestyle if you let them know what you plan to use the connection for. Look for gaming VPNs or game boosters that serve Asia if your preferred online game only has servers there. You can opt for GearUp Booster which supports games on a wide range of platforms and providers superior speeds without any glitches and ping spikes. The service is also effective and stable from almost all parts of the world.


The main factor contributing to high ping is a bad internet connection. Online games will lag if your connection speed is too slow. A poor ISP connection or ineffective gear, such as a modem or router, could be to blame for a poor internet connection. So, check the speed of your connection using any free internet speed test website. Check to see if anyone in your neighborhood also uses the same ISP if the speed is significantly less than what your ISP promises for your plan. It could be time to transfer your internet service provider if other users are also complaining about decreased internet speeds.


A high ping rate is usually a result of miscommunication between your connection's packet transmission rate and the game's server's response. When you're sure your internet speed is good enough, the culprit could be the game's server you're connected to. 



Wrapping Up:


This concludes our take on the question of “how to get better ping”. You can considerably lower the ping by using the advice we provided in the post. To ensure lag-free gaming, you should improve your Wi-Fi settings if your internet connection is poor and you are unable to switch ISPs. But if it's the server itself, then you can wait for the to fix their servers.