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How to Fix Warzone 2 Lag | System and Network Issues Explained


We just received an email with the subject of how to fix Call of Duty:Warzone 2 lag and that is why we have decided to talk about this problem which apparently, many players out there are facing. Let us talk about it.




Call of Duty:Warzone 2 came out with huge performance problems and other bugs but gradually was fixed with updates. Initially, players experience persistent lag, input lag, and FPS drops. However, developers were quick to identify and correct them. If you are one of those ill fate people who are still experiencing those issues and were searching the question “how to fix Call of Duty:Warzone 2 lag”, then this post is for you:


How to Fix Warzone 2 Lag



How to Fix Call of Duty:Warzone 2 Lag?


1. PC players have noticed that increasing the Spot Cache setting in Call of Duty:Warzone 2 to High or Ultra can eliminate stuttering and increase FPS. When trying to increase your FPS, it can be tempting to set everything to Low, however having the Spot Cache set to High or Ultra can improve Call of Duty:Warzone 2's performance.


2. Call of Duty:Warzone 2's Fullscreen Borderless setting might cause a variety of issues such as poor FPS, input latency, and stuttering, therefore make sure you're using Fullscreen Exclusive. 


3. Check that the graphic drivers installed on your system are current and up to date. If your present systems are out of date, make sure you get the most recent ones as soon as feasible.


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4. When falling from the plane, players are occasionally struck with extremely low FPS at the start of Call of Duty:Warzone 2 battles, resulting in the game looking like a slideshow, and the workaround is to set Weapon Motion Blur off. Although it may take some getting used to, the setting will eliminate the low FPS and stuttering at the start of matches and can even offer you a good frame rate boost.


5. If Call of Duty:Warzone 2 is suffering significantly lower FPS than comparable games with similar requirements, we recommend doing a Scan and Repair to discover and address any issues with the game files. For a Steam library, right-click on Call of Duty:Warzone 2, Go to Settings, and then Properties. Then, Select Verify the integrity of game files from the Local Files menu. If you installed it from then go to and search for MWII | WZ.20. Choose the "Cog" icon next to the "Play" button and then choose Scan and Repair.


6. If nothing is helping then we recommend entirely reinstalling the game. This will detect any issues that the Scan & Repair did not detect and, hopefully, will resolve any low FPS issues you are facing.


7. If lag is coming from the network, then ensure that there is no packet data loss or ping delay interfering with your game experience. It's also a good idea to inspect your network connection to see if there are any speed or stability difficulties. To double-check the issue, connect to a different internet network. Also, try switching from a wired to a wireless connection to see if the problem persists.


8. It is preferable if you connect to the nearest game server based on your location, as this will allow the game to operate faster with minimal ping delay or latency. Ping time can be greatly increased while connecting to a long-distance game server in a remote region.


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9. Make sure to manually execute the Wi-Fi router's power cycle operation to verify if there is any temporary issue. The power cycling method offers a high likelihood of removing errors quickly.


10. Some gamers propose that you try playing on dedicated gaming servers, which can help to alleviate the ping delay issue. You can play around with it to see whether it works for you.


11. If ping issues are not solved then we recommend using a game booster like Gearup Booster which will effectively solve your ping issues and latency lags. Ultra-fast servers, dedicated bandwidth, and superior customer service are what you will get with Gearup Booster. 



Wrapping Up:


This article stressed a common query of how to fix Call of Duty:Warzone 2 lag and ping issues. If you want to know more about our game booster and other services, do reach us in our mailbox.