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How to Fix High Ping for Smooth Gaming?


How to fix ping is one of the most common questions being searched online when it comes to the gaming industry. This is why, we are going to answer this question here in our blog. 






Ping is what? Any gamer will likely claim that it is the largest hindrance to their games. This is because too-high ping is the most common source of video game lag. Before we dive into the question of how to fix ping, let's first go through the basics:


Ping is a metric for latency, which refers to how quickly a signal leaves and returns to your computer. It is the length of time it takes for a game to identify your gameplay, to put it in a gaming perspective. When playing Zelda, for instance, you don't want to wait for your computer to detect that Link has defeated his opponents; you want to know immediately.


And whereas professional gamers are able to avoid ping spikes at all costs, perhaps even by updating their technology, casual online players are typically left to debug their own equipment. As a result, think of this as your comprehensive guide to lowering ping and, ultimately, lowering lag in video games.



Definitive Steps to Improve Ping:

To answer the query about how to fix ping, you need to know that your internet connection speed needs to be optimized because it is what has the biggest impact on pings. Even though it could be tempting, you should probably wait to change your gaming configurations or settings until you've improved your home's network connection with the following procedures. This will enable you to determine whether the cause of your high ping is indeed your network connection or whether it is a problem with your gaming setup.



1. Optimize your Hardware:


A computer maintenance checklist can greatly improve the speed and clarity of your device's communication with a gaming router. Because our computers don't get enough air, even dust that has accumulated over time might result in overheating.


Another thing to think about is whether your Ethernet cables are current. Categories of Ethernet cables range from 3 to 8, or Cat 3 to Cat 8. The better your internet bandwidth and transmission speed, the higher the category. The majority of homes have ethernet cables that are Cat 5 or higher, which are sufficient for gaming because they can handle download speeds of 1,000 Mbps or more. However, outdated connections might not even be capable of supporting speeds more than 100 Mbps and result in ping loss and lower speeds.



2. Upgrade Router:


Our routers serve as the foundation for our internet connectivity; therefore, they too need some tender loving care. Clear the cache on your router: Our devices are slowed down by a full internet cache. To completely delete all cookies and give your device a fresh start, hard reset your network. Our wireless internet connections can be impeded by several objects, including walls. Signals angle downward, so consider whether your router is in an open area and consider moving it higher. Adjust the antennae as well. Consider how our gadgets become slower when upgrades to the software or security are required. Make sure your router's firmware is current because the same may be true of routers. 



3.VPNs and Game Boosters:


Unfortunate as it may be, there are instances when we must compromise for better gameplay. Some examples include giving up Wi-Fi altogether, removing other devices from your network, and even downgrading the graphic quality of games. Your video game security is one thing you should never compromise to reduce ping; despite how alluring it may seem, you shouldn't turn off your VPN or gaming security software to get a faster connection. Or you can opt for Game boosters like the Gearup Booster, designed to give you ultimate speeds and fix your high ping issues. Sometimes, even all your setup might be great but due to your game server location, ping can suffer and game booster comes into use.



Wrapping Up:

In this article, we discussed the concepts to answer the famous question of how to fix high ping and the possible reasons behind it. No gamer wants to encounter latency, and every gamer wants to eliminate lag. People play video games for a variety of reasons, with some seeing it as a way to unwind and others playing to win. Fortunately, keeping up with simple equipment maintenance can significantly improve your gaming experience. Go ahead, reduce your ping, and improve your leaderboard positions!