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How to Enhance Armor in Throne and Liberty?


In Throne and Liberty, the thrill of any RPG is amplified when players have ample options to experiment with their gear and skills. Alongside the game's environment, challenges, user interface, and story, gear and skills play a significant role in attracting players by offering a diverse range of choices.



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How to understand Armor?


Armor plays a vital role in protecting you from enemy attacks on the battlefield, highlighting the importance of diligently maintaining and upgrading your armor to maximize defensive capabilities.


Within Throne and Liberty, there are three distinct types of armor available: cloth, leather, and plate armor. To put it simply, these include heavy, medium, and light armor. You can choose and equip any of these armor types based on your specific requirements.



How to Enhance Armor?


Enhancing armor is a crucial aspect of strengthening your character, but it can be challenging to acquire the necessary materials. To upgrade your armor, you will need both materials and gold. The upgrade system has specific requirements for different levels of armor.


As your armor level increases, so do the requirements. Higher-level armor demands more resources. Armor rarities also exist, including blue, green, purple, and orange. You have the option to craft or upgrade your armor.



How To Get Materials For Armor Upgrade?


Obtaining materials for armor upgrades is relatively easy. You can engage in various activities such as exploration, contracts, world boss events, and more. Contracts, in particular, are an excellent source of materials for armor upgrades. Contract NPCs offer tasks in different zones, and completing these tasks rewards you with materials. It's important to note that contracts are level-specific, so choose the ones that suit your level from the contract section.


Higher-level contracts offer more specialized rewards. These special contracts provide rare materials called "Stellarite". By defeating elite monsters in different zones, you can increase your chances of obtaining these special contracts and rare materials. In summary, contracts are an efficient way to acquire materials and enhance the quality of your armor. However, exploring and participating in world boss events are also viable methods for obtaining materials.



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How to Enhance Armor in Throne and Liberty


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In summary, to enhance your armor, you need materials and gold. Contracts are a key way to obtain materials, with higher-level contracts offering rare materials called "Stellarite". Exploring and participating in world boss events are also viable methods for acquiring materials. Overall, contracts are an efficient way to quickly obtain materials and improve the quality of your armor.