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How to Download Epic Free Games Faster in December 2023


Yes, the Epic Store's 2023 year-end holiday sale has begun, offering numerous free games, including high-profile titles with substantial file sizes. Wondering how to shorten the download time for these free games? This blog brings you different methods that can help speed up your downloads.



How Many Free Games will the 2023 Epic Store Holiday Sale Offer?


According to the official announcement, this year's holiday sale will give away a total of 17 games, with one game released each day. Below is the list of games (we will update the list daily):


  • Dec 15th - Dec 21st: Destiny 2: Legacy Collection


How to Download Epic Free Games Faster in December 2023



How to Get Epic Free Games?


Visit the Epic Store official website, find "Free Games," add the desired game to your cart, and proceed with the "purchase" (no actual payment necessary). Alternatively, you can directly download and "purchase" games through the Epic client since games obtained through web purchases need to be downloaded via the client as well.



How to Download Epic Free Games Smoothly?


The free games offered by Epic include several large-scale AAA titles. However, network fluctuations may hamper download speeds, leading to inconsistent downloading and prolonged wait times. GearUP Booster is designed to address these issues using adaptive intelligent routing technology accessible globally. It ensures stable download speeds by connecting users via optimal routes and bypassing peak-time fluctuations and network congestion.

Moreover, GearUP Booster also offers network optimization for online multiplayer games provided by Epic, reducing high ping and packet loss occurrences for an overall improved gaming experience.



  • Offers a free trial.
  • Resolves various network fluctuation and latency issues.
  • Ensures data privacy and security.
  • Easy-to-use without requiring specialized knowledge.
  • Supports thousands of games.



In Conclusion


By following these methods for obtaining and accelerating your downloads of free games from the Epic Store during their holiday sale in 2023, you can swiftly access preeminent titles such as Destiny 2: Legacy Collection while optimizing your gaming experience using GearUP Booster’s innovative technology.