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How to Defeat Witherzilla in Minecraft?


Minecraft's titan creature, witherzilla, is known as the strongest boss ever. It possesses formidable abilities, multiple stages, and intricate mechanisms, leaving even skilled players uncertain about how to defeat it. However, understanding its mechanics makes it quite manageable.


Witherzilla's Health: 10,000,000 (Normal) 20,0000 (Nightmare)

Witherzilla Skills:


1.Melee Attacks
2.Decaying Head
3.Release of Primordial Lightning
4.Directed Explosions
5.Item Deletion
6.Code Attacks


What Should We Prepare?


1.Equip a complete Bedrock Armor set to withstand the boss's attacks.
2.Prepare Genesis Sword/Nihil Sword, a few hundred decay cannons/crystal bows.
3.Carry plenty of health potions or regenerative items.



How Do We Start The Battle?


First Stage:


It remains immobile and releases decaying head and enhanced decaying head skills while controlling decay cannons from an inaccessible high position.

Priority: Eliminate decay cannons to progress to the next stage.


Second Stage:


Gradually descends while releasing decaying head and enhanced decaying head; unreachable during this phase.
Action: Evade until within range for ranged weapons in the third stage.


Third Stage:


Engage with crystal bows or construct anti-decay turret arrays—requires over 100 turrets due to Witherzilla's inherent self-healing properties.
Challenge: Boss starts pursuing player movement—avoid being hit.
When under half health falls below half HP — descends for final stage.


Fourth Stage:


Ground impact activates wither armor rendering immune against arrows/cannons — requires close combat using Nihil Sword or Bedrock Sword until defeated.


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How to Defeat Witherzilla in Minecraft



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