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How to Boost PS5 Internet Speed | Common Reasons & Fixes


Wondering how to boost PS5 internet speed? If you are one of them, we understand your frustration and this is why we are here to sort out this problem in this article.


How to Boost PS5 Internet Speed




A wired connection is ideal, as every dedicated player online is aware of this universal fact. Few things are as satisfying as a high level of security and almost zero wireless interference danger. Your gaming connection will be compromised with higher latency and lag periods if you connect your gaming rig to the router via any other sort of connection.


Unwired Ethernet connections are, of course, not for everyone. One such reason is the requirement to drill holes in walls to run cables through. Users turning to other connection techniques for their game console makes sense. When it comes to PS5, the same rules can be applied. This article explores why internet speed can be slow on your console and how to tackle it. 


What affects PS5 Internet Speed?


To answer the question of how to boost PS5 internet speed, first, we need to check the reasons why internet speeds slow down anyway. Here’s why:


Wi-Fi interference: Other electrical equipment can slow down your internet connection by interfering with your wireless signal, including cordless phones, microwave ovens, and other Wi-Fi networks. These interference-causing factors may deteriorate the Wi-Fi connection and slow down speeds.


Internet speed can be slowed down by outdated or malfunctioning network hardware, such as modems or routers. To achieve optimum performance, it's critical to employ current, dependable network equipment.


Server Load: Your PS5's internet connection may be impacted by the speed and functionality of the gaming servers you are connecting to. There may be more delay and slower speeds if the game servers are far away or have a high volume of traffic.


Background Downloads and Applications: Running several downloads or applications concurrently on your PS5 will use up bandwidth and slow down your internet connection. While gaming, be sure to pause downloads and close any superfluous programs to give the network priority.


Internet Service Provider (ISP) Connection: Your ISP controls the speed and reliability of your internet connection. Make sure you have an internet plan that will support the online activities you want to engage in because different internet plans have variable speeds.


Network Congestion: Your PS5's internet speed may be impacted by high internet traffic or congestion. Network congestion can cause slower speeds and more latency during periods of high demand or in densely inhabited locations. 


Physical Placement: The distance between your PS5 and the wireless router can have an impact on the speed and intensity of the signal. When using Wi-Fi, distance from the router or physical obstructions in its path can result in weaker signals and slower speeds.


How to boost PS5 Internet Speed


By implementing these strategies, you can optimize your PS5's internet connection and potentially achieve better speeds for online gaming and other network activities.


1. Aside from the physical aspects and server loads, if your problem is the network itself, then we recommend investing in a reliable and high-end network booster.


2. Restarting your router regularly might help you fix any short-term problems and enhance internet speed. Simply turn off your router, give it a moment to cool off, and then turn it back on. This may improve your internet speed and assist in refreshing the connection.


3. On your PS5, end any background programs or games that are active. These programs can use up bandwidth and slow down your internet. You can give the game you're playing more bandwidth by dismissing out-of-the-way apps.


4. Reduce other network-connected equipment or programs that might be consuming bandwidth. Put a stop to or restrict activity on other network-connected devices, such as downloading, streaming, or sharing files. This aids in giving your PS5 priority access to bandwidth and may speed up your internet connection.


5. Maintain your PS5's firmware by updating it. Sony often publishes firmware updates that can improve network performance and connectivity. When updates are available, check the system settings for them and install them.


As we mentioned before, investing in a high-end network booster can solve most of your slow-speed problems on your PS5. We recommend using Hyperev, a powerful tool to enhance your internet speeds across all your consoles. Users get hyper-fast speeds and a GearUP Console Booster app to complete the configuration in 30 seconds. 




This article attempted to answer the question of "how to boost PS5 internet speed" and the most effective ways to get rid of crippling speeds. Consider investing in a network booster, check background downloads, and update the firmware of your PS5.