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A Beginner's Guide to Honkai: Star Rail


Honkai: Star Rail has officially launched today and gained a lot of popularity. Many players who have not participated in the previous tests are not familiar with the game, and this article will explain the basic knowledge of the game to help everyone get started faster.


A Beginner's Guide to Honkai: Star Rail


From previous tests, Honkai: Star Rail requires more resources in the mid-game compared to the early stages of Genshin Impact, where you could use Keqing or Diluc to lead the team. In the turn-based Honkai: Star Rail, all characters need to take damage, so both support and healing characters need to be cultivated.

How to choose characters:

  • The main difficulty in the early stages of Honkai: Star Rail is facing single elite enemies, so characters with group damage skills aren't as useful.
  • There are fewer characters available in the beginning, making it difficult to form a complete team. Prioritize selecting characters that can take damage and healers. The remaining two can be damage dealers or one damage dealer and one support.
  • In the early stages of the game, try to choose characters that can attack enemy weak points.


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Team lineup recommendations:

  • Seele+Bronya+Healers/Tanks+Anyone
  • Dan Heng+Welt+Healers/Tanks+Anyone
  • Tingyun+Pela+tanks+Any damage dealer
  • Hook+Himeko+Asta+Healers/Tanks
  • Clara+March 7th+Gepard+Anyone


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Artifact selection:

Honkai: Star Rail artifacts have a 4+2 configuration, with the main attributes of head and hand parts being health and attack, respectively. Other parts have random main attributes. In the early game, choose attack for all main attributes, and choose elemental damage for accessories if available. 


Once you reach the mid-game and can choose attributes, select crit rate for the chest piece, speed for shoes, and attack and elemental damage for accessories. Support/healing/tank characters can choose their respective main attributes. 


Before you can farm gold artifacts, don't worry about sub-attributes – just make sure the main attributes are sufficient. If you can't progress in the game's story, first level up your characters and weapon, then upgrade skills and artifacts. Resources are scarce early on, so don't waste them.


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Payment advice:

Pay for Honkai: Star Rail as you did for Genshin Impact. Casual players can choose the monthly card; medium spenders can go for double recharge; whales can pay however they please. In the early stages of the game, to quickly experience the story, you can purchase 1-3 stamina potions daily.


How to play in the early stages?

Honkai: Star Rail is essentially a single-player game, so play at your own pace and according to your habits. If there's a main storyline, follow it. If not, complete daily tasks. It takes about 2 hours to reach the snowfield (unlock stamina) and roughly 6 hours to unlock daily tasks. 

Weekly dungeons can be played 3 times – you can either play the same dungeon 3 times or 3 different dungeons. During the leveling process, you might be restricted by the world level, so use stamina appropriately to increase the world level.


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These are the tips for Honkai: Star Rail beginners.

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