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How to Fix Genshin Impact High Ping?


Are you consistently noticing the ping value in the top right corner of your Genshin Impact game screen turning red? Despite being primarily a single-player game, Genshin Impact still places demands on your network when entering others' worlds. If you're frequently experiencing high ping or encountering lag during multiplayer sessions, it's a problem that must be addressed to preserve the quality of your gaming experience. This article aims to introduce effective methods for reducing high ping in Genshin Impact.



The Experience of High Ping in Genshin Impact


Imagine using an ability and landing a hit on an enemy, only to witness no immediate reaction. After a brief moment – one second or several – the attack finally registers on your target. Alternatively, while exploring the world, your character stutters and teleports back a few steps after moving forward—rendering all actions anything but smooth and sometimes even unplayable.



Simplest Method to Reduce High Ping in Genshin Impact


The developers of Genshin Impact at miHoYo do not have an extensive number of servers globally; therefore, some players may find themselves geographically distant from the game servers, making it difficult to establish optimal connections. GearUP Booster offers a simple and effective solution by deploying globally positioned network nodes alongside adaptive intelligent routing technology – mechanisms that have earned praise from numerous players by assisting in finding the best route to connect to Genshin Impact servers.


GearUP Booster effectively lowers your Genshin Impact ping and reduces instances of packet loss and network congestion while steering clear of various network-related error codes and potential game crashes. A stable network also enhances efficiency during game downloads and updates.


While GearUP processes your game traffic, rest assured that it guarantees 100% data security and privacy protection—your data will never be compromised even as it assists players in server connections.


Step 1: Download and try GearUP Booster from the official website.




Step 2: Search for Genshin Impact.


How to Fix Genshin Impact High Ping


Step 3: Select a server and node, or you can use the automatic node selection feature.


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Step 4: Confirm the boost and then launch the game.



Other Methods for Reducing High Ping in Genshin Impact


  • Selecting Optimal Server Locations: When possible, choose game servers that are geographically closer to your physical location. This can help reduce latency by improving the proximity between your device and the game server.
  • Bandwidth Management: Ensure that no other applications or devices on your network are consuming excessive bandwidth while you're playing Genshin Impact. Streaming services, downloads, or other high-bandwidth activities may impact your gameplay experience by causing network congestion.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) Settings: Access your router's settings to prioritize gaming traffic through Quality of Service (QoS) configurations. By giving priority to gaming data packets, you can minimize the impact of network congestion during intense gaming moments.
  • Wired Connection: Whenever possible, use a wired Ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi when playing Genshin Impact. Wired connections generally offer more stable and consistent performance, reducing the likelihood of latency and packet loss associated with wireless networks.
  • Close Background Applications: Shut down any unnecessary background applications and processes running on your device that might be consuming system resources and network bandwidth. This can help ensure that Genshin Impact receives optimal attention from your hardware and network infrastructure.





High ping is often detrimental to the gaming experience in Genshin Impact; however, utilizing effective tools like GearUP Booster can significantly enhance connectivity performance and ultimately provide a smoother multiplayer experience without compromising data security or privacy.