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Why "Geforce Now Lagging" | Let's Investigate!


This article talks about the problem of GeForce now lagging, the common reasons behind it, and how to deal with it.





Similar to cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass, Nvidia GeForce Now lets you play games hosted on remote servers and stream them to one of the compatible devices. You get up to 4K/120fps gaming video in return with access to the one that is closest to you out of the more than 20 data centers that are distributed throughout the world. 


Games are also run on the greatest Nvidia graphics cards available (RTX), so they will look their best regardless of the hardware specifications on your end, depending on whatever membership package you select. GeForce Now doesn't sell you games or grant you access to its own selected library of games, in contrast to the majority of its competitors. Instead, it connects to your accounts at digital game stores like Steam and the Epic Games Store so you may play the games you currently have or will eventually purchase from them.


There are thousands of games that are available, albeit not all of them because some publishers forbid users from using their games through GeForce Now. Although everything sounds cool here players get frustrated with the GeForce now lagging issues.



Geforce NOW Lags are Real Thing:


Since GeForce NOW games are cloud-based, which means they don't run directly from your GeForce NOW app but rather on a server in a data center. The network test swiftly evaluates your network and aids in network optimization for cloud gaming. The first time you play a game, the network test will launch immediately. Under settings, you can also test your network. 


Unlike other internet speed testing services like Speedtest, GeForce NOW's network test is unique. The network test evaluates the speed of communication between your device and the data centers while running on GeForce NOW servers. Speedtest is executed on several servers, therefore the results do not accurately represent the network performance from a GeForce NOW data center. 


When the test is over, you might see a prompt in red or yellow after the test is finished. You don't fulfill one of GeForce NOW for Mac or PC's minimal requirements if the warning is red. If the message is highlighted in yellow, you fulfill the requirements for the optimal user experience but not the recommended ones.



How to reduce Geforce Now Lagging?


we recommend focusing on these things to get rid of those annoying lags:


1. Purchase a new 5GHz router or connect your existing router to a 5GHz Wi-Fi channel. Various consumer electronics, including microwaves and baby monitors, can severely impact the 2.4GHz channel if your router or home network does not support 5GHz.Use Wi-Fi Analyzer programs to locate and set your router to a channel with little to no interference from nearby routers. 


2. Check your internet connection which can be the culprit in this case. 

GeForce NOW needs at least 15mbps. For 1080p, 1440p, and 4K streaming, we advise 50Mbps, 64Mbps, and 75Mbps, respectively. Make sure that your ISP supports all of these standards of streaming and download speeds.  


3. While utilizing GeForce NOW, keep other network traffic in your home to a minimum. This includes any video streaming, large file downloads, Twitch broadcasting, and uploading of files or images. These may lower the overall bandwidth you have available. If you are using a 5GHz channel, specifically, move closer to your Wi-Fi router.  


4. IF you are not using LAN internet services then try switching to Ethernet or 5G Wi-Fi if you are currently utilizing mobile data. If service is available in your location, you can also use 5G cellular data as an alternative. 


5. Invest in a good gaming booster that can quickly resolve most of your problems. This includes lag, ping drops, and latency issues. We recommend opting for Gearup Booster as it comes with super-fast servers placed all around the globe and runs perfectly even in peak times. Moreover, you get support for all the latest games for PC, and consoles as well. 





The problem of GeForce NOW lagging can be very frustrating since it's a paid service and dealing with it can be tricky. We recommend investing in a gaming booster to make your life easy like Gearup Booster.