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Fortnite V28.10 Update: Solid Snake and New Battle Pass


Fortnite V28.10 introduces a bundle of exciting new features, including the iconic Solid Snake outfit and accessories from the beloved game series Metal Gear Solid. Additionally, it brings forth novel gameplay dynamics and a brand-new Battle Pass. Join us as we delve into what's in store with this latest update and uncover ways to enrich your gaming journey.



Fortnite V28.10 New Outfits & Items


Solid Snake, hailing from the classic game series "Metal Gear Solid," is renowned for his exceptional stealth and espionage abilities. In this update, players can not only acquire the legendary character's attire but also benefit from his iconic gear - EMP Stealth Camo + Cardboard Boxes, offering potent stealth capabilities and enhanced attack prowess within the game.


Furthermore, upon completing corresponding missions, you can unlock various styles of Solid Snake outfits (including Old Snake), sprays, emotes, gliders, and other items.




Fortnite V28.10 Update


Fortnite V28.10 Update-img 2



How to Obtain Fortnite V28.10 Solid Snake Rewards


By purchasing the Big Bang Battle Pass, players gain access to Solid Snake missions. Completion of these missions before 2:00 AM Eastern Time on March 8th, 2024 will secure the aforementioned rewards.


Fortnite V28.10 Update-img 3


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Fortnite V28.10 BATTLE PASS Super Level Styles


The new BATTLE PASS includes expressive renditions in styles such as Oscar, Nisha, Montague, Valeria, Hope - featuring prism marbling and glass crafted themes that bring versatility and fashion to your in-game persona.


Fortnite V28.10 Update-img 5



Fortnite V28.10: Anvil Rocket Launcher


The highly popular Anvil Rocket Launcher that locks onto vehicle targets makes a comeback! Players can now find it from ground spawns and chests or purchase it from Shadows Corp for gold bars.



Fortnite V28.10 Balance Changes


The recent Fortnite V28.10 update introduces several weapon adjustments to enhance gameplay balance:

  • With the Enforcer AR, there's a noticeable improvement in bullet speed and damage. Additionally, headshot impact has been increased while reducing bullet drop, aiming to level its performance among other weapon options.
  • A slight reduction in bullet speed for the Reaper Sniper Rifle creates a more balanced experience by increasing bullet drop, addressing ease of use concerns.
  • The Hyper SMG now boasts improved overall accuracy via reduced bullet spread, aligning it more competitively with other weapon options.
  • The Ballistic Shield now requires less damage to stagger the holder, an adjustment made to balance its power in comparison to other loadout options—particularly in Zero Build scenarios.
  • Reverting storm circle speed, sprint speed, and energy regeneration to Chapter 4 speeds brings these factors more in line with Fortnite BR's current pace.



Enhancing Your Fortnite Network Experience


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Step 4: Remember Click "Confirm" first, and then launch Fortnite.





Fortnite V28.10 delivers an array of captivating additions including Solid Snake's arrival and an enticing Battle Pass showcasing diverse styles. Whether you're aiming for stealthy maneuvers or embracing stylish flair - this update promises excitement for every player!